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Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof main station

May you have just arrived at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof central train station, or are about to catch an early train out of the city, you want to make sure you’re enjoying a nice breakfast. This Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof main train station is your ideal choice for delicious food all day. Open from 6.30 am in the morning on weekdays, or up from 8 am on Sundays, Junge Die Bäckerei offers fresh German breads, delicious sweets and a nice, modern, variety of breakfasts. A classic continental-style breakfast with bread rolls and cheese/meats, porridge bowls or pancakes. No wish will get unsatisfied at this Bakery right outside Hamburg Hauptbahnhof main train station.

Start your day right, in Hamburg nearby the main station

After having arrived in Hamburg in the morning, before a full sightseeing day in the city, I wanted to fuel myself up for what was ahead. Lots of walking, many impressions and immersing into the beauty of Hamburg’s Hafencity. You definitely want to make sure you are ready and full of energy. I was looking for a Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and immediately found it. When ordering something to eat seated at Junge Die Bäckerei, you receive a beeper which notifies you once your order is ready for pickup. For my seated brunch inside the restaurant (summer in Hamburg still usually means sitting inside, unfortunately…) I chose a portion of their pancakes. As most hot dishes (scrambled eggs, pancakes, coffees and hot beverages) are prepared on order, you can be sure your food and drinks are as fresh as it gets. A great quality aspect!

fresh Pancakes in Hamburg

On this chilly Hamburg summer day, I went for a portion of their Pancakes at this Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. For just 3,99 Euros you get 3 pancakes with apple puree, cinnamon, whipped cream and caramel sauce. What a stellar price! The most-affordable pancake dish are the 2 pancakes with cinnamon, sugar and caramel sauce for just 2.29 Euros (prices as of late July 2020!). Absolutely fair prices, especially for a bakery restaurant in the heart of Hamburg, St. Georg, at the Train station!

my experience at Junge Die Bäckerei, a Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

The taste of my pancakes with apple pure and whipped cream definitely impressed me, at this Brunch Restaurant nearby Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. However, for my personal taste, it was a bit too sweet. Sweet apple compote, sweet whipped cream, and super sweet caramel sauce. The next time I will definitely order them without the caramel sauce and share them with someone, opening up the opportunity to try one of their savoury breakfast options, like a Stulle, an open-faced bread or scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes.

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Junge Die Bäckerei
Address: Kirchenallee 19, 20099 Hamburg
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 6.30 am – 6 pm, Saturday 7 am – 5 pm, Sunday 8 am – 4 pm
Social MediaInstagram @baeckereijunge

Pancakes with apple compote whipped cream caramel Hamburg Restaurant Blog Joy Della Vita
Pancakes with apple compote, whipped cream and caramel sauce

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