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vegan Restaurant at Reeperbahn Hamburg – Beyond Meat loaded fries

Probably the best plant-based vegan Restaurant at Reeperbahn Hamburg is Fried Club by Bidges & Sons. Bidges, actually a streetwear clothing store, also ventured out into offering food. Not just any kind of Fast Food is offered at Fried Club by Bidges & Sons, it’s all plant-based! A vegan Restaurant at famously infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg, who would have imagined something like this years ago!?

Vegan Food in Hamburg

Hamburg, a city which definitely deserves the unofficial status of a metropolis. The variety of everything you can find in Hamburg is so broad and diverse. Shocking history, almost ancient traditions, new and colorful as well as super elegant and chic. Advanced, innovative as well as traditional and low-key. This is Hamburg, everyone can be as they are. From Reeperbahn to luxurious Jungfernstieg and Neuer Wall, Hamburg offers everything along the spectrum. Luckily also from fine-dining to even vegan fast food shops. The latter is the latest trend, not only im Hamburg. However, most is a bit more edgy in the Hanseatic harbor city. And so are the options for meatless-food and vegan restaurants in Hamburg. One of those more edgy examples is Fried Club by Bidges & Sons.

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Loaded Fries at a vegan Restaurant at Reeperbahn Hamburg

If you do not know about the plant-based options at Fried Club by Bidges & Sons, you might be a little surprised when having a look at the menu. However, not that much probably. They offer dishes like Fish & Chips, golden Nuggets, Burgers or loaded Fries with Burger Chunks. All sounds regular, but there is a decent vegan-Logo printed on each page of the menu. Everything is plant based, vegan junk food. Heavenly. One of their main highlights are the Beyond Meat Burger Patties *, which are available on Burgers and Fries.

vegan beyond meat fries hamburg reeperbahn bidges sons blog joydellavita
vegan beyond meat fries at Hamburg Reeperbahn

On a sunny Hamburg afternoon, which is so rare in Hamburg, even in summer, I chose one of their loaded fries. Sitting outside on the Bidges & Sons terrace right on Reeperbahn, sipping a Radler and enjoying vegan hearty fast food. Perfect. Among the various options, I went for the Philly Cheeze Steak Fries for 10,50 Euros. This dish consists of fried potato Fries, topped by Beyond Meat Chunks, Cheesy-Sauce, grilled Peppers and Onions. When in Hamburg, for sure I had to order one of their local beers, an ASTRA Kiezmische *. A refreshing Radler beer, more than perfect for summer. And also a refreshing part to the honestly so filling loaded fries.

As an early dinner, I could barely finish half of the portion of the Philly Cheeze Steak Fries. The burger chunks have been crispy, the vegan cheese sauce creamy, but oh so potently filling. I definitely adored the combination of both grilled pepper and onions, so I had all of them, and some of the fried potato fries. However, if you want to share the portion with others, absolutely do it.

Fried Club by Bidges & Sons Hamburg Reeperbahn

Address: Reeperbahn 7, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Opening hours: closed on Mondays, Tue, Wed, Thur 6 – 10 pm, fri 6 – 11 pm, sat 3 – 11 pm, sun 3 – 10 pm
Table reservation:
Social: Instagram @bidgessonsreeperbahn
Unfortunately the Restaurant does not publish the menu visibly on their website, but you can find a digital version of it on this site here:

inside the cool vegan plant based restaurant at Hamburg Reeperbahn, Bidges & Sons
inside the cool vegan plant based restaurant at Hamburg Reeperbahn, Bidges & Sons

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