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Bubble Waffle at Unter den Linden in Berlin

Did you ever enjoy a snack at a car dealership? Nonetheless a popular bubble waffle? Come to Berlin then, to DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum. Located at popular Friedrichstrasse, this is a special “dealership”, as it is a showcase of the company. The Group includes brands such as Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi. But, to entertain visitors, there is a restaurant included in the area. Little Green Rabbit is a “no cash card only” Restaurant, offering healthy snacks, meals and drinks. Among the offers has been a bubble waffle, during my visit in 2019. They offered it with apple sauce and powdered sugar, which I devoured on their no-service outdoor seating area. For my taste the waffle has been a bit too cooked, crispy and hard, but the concept and location of Little Green Rabbit is great, and I will definitely be back to enjoy a bubble waffle at Unter den Linden in Berlin, or a healthy soup or salad. They also have other Locations in the german capital city, make sure to visit the website linked below for more info.

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Little Green Rabbit – Unter den Linden
Address: Unter den Linden 21, 10117 Berlin
Opening hours: daily 11am–6pm

Coffee and Bubble Waffle at Unter den Linden in Berlin blog

Little green rabbit unter den linden Berlin Restaurant vw group

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