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List of all Museums in Skopje, capital of North Macedonia

When in Skopje, tourists encounter a lot to discover. To me, museums are a great way to learn about something in a fast and compact way. May it be an art museum, to get an insight into local art and what’s “trending” (such as aboriginal paintings in Australia) and is shaping this culture or nation, or about a certain topic like literature. In the capital city of north Macedonia, you will discover quite a few museums in Skopje. Find here an overview of all of them, as well as their address. If one of the museums is linked, I have already visited and written about it.

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Museums in Skopje

  1. Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia
    Address: Iljo Vojvoda, Skopje 1000
  2. Museum of Contemporary Art
    Address: Samoilova bb, Skopje, 1000
  3. Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
    Address: Кеј Димитар Влахов 1000, Skopje 1000 (at the famous Bridge of Civilizations in Macedonia)
  4. Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence
    Address: 11. Mart Str. 1, Skopje 1000
  5. Memorial House of Mother Teresa
    Address: Macedonia Str. No. 9, Skopje 1000
  6. Museum of Macedonia
    Address: Kjurchiska 1000, Skopje 1000
  7. Museum of the city of Skopje
    Address: Ss Cyril & Methodius, Skopje 1000

If you have trouble typing in the addresses into your mobile navigation device or app, it’s best to rely on Google Maps and search for the exact name “city museum” for example.

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