Bubble Waffle in Freiburg

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At Süßes Leben you can enjoy a Bubble Waffle in Freiburg. Located in the city center, right nearby the town hall, the small cafe/shop is very easy to find. After seeing those bubble waffles on Instagram for years now, always filled to the maximum with ice cream, chocolate, marshmallow and what else, I always hesitated to try one. But partly also as I have never stumbled upon a place selling them. Now, finally, in Freiburg in the very south west of Germany, I finally found a Cafe selling Bubble waffles!

Somehow I always thought those bubbles are empty inside, and very crispy outside. But no, my bubble waffle in Freiburg at Süßes Leben has been very soft through and through, with crispy parts in between. The price for a bubble waffle with either peanut, Nutella or applesauce is 4€. If you want a calorie bomb, you can also get ice cream, chocolate bars such as bueno, and further toppings, for a total of 6€.
As an evening snack, I only went for a Bubble Waffle with applesauce. And it was divine 👌, I can definitely recommend it. The cafe also offers/sells those fancy fresh milk based ice cream rolls. No matter what you decide on getting, both dishes are very instagrammable.

Address: Franziskanerstraße 11, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Bubble Waffle Freiburg

Bubble Waffle Freiburg
Soft bubbles / Bubble Waffle Freiburg


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