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Burger Lunch Menu at HANS IM GLÜCK Konstanz – a mixed experience

Konstanz, with its picturesque views of Lake Constance and historic charm, offers a delightful backdrop for a day trip. Exploring the city’s streets and attractions can work up quite an appetite. During our recent visit, my partner and I decided to recharge with a burger lunch at HANS IM GLÜCK – KONSTANZ Marktstätte. This German restaurant chain is renowned for its creative burger offerings, but as we soon discovered, the dining experience can vary depending on the location. Make sure to also read more about other Restaurants in Konstanz.

The HANS IM GLÜCK Lunch Menu: What to Expect

The lunch menu at HANS IM GLÜCK is available until 5 p.m. and is a well-structured deal that allows you to customize your meal:

  1. Choose Your Burger: The first step involves selecting your favourite burger, complete with a choice of bun (or no bun) to suit your preferences.
  2. Pick a Side: Next, you can decide on a side to accompany your burger. Options include a small salad, coleslaw, or regular fries. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for an additional €1.60.
  3. Beverage Selection: You’re then presented with choices for both a soft drink and a hot beverage. Whether you prefer something homemade, a standard soft drink, or even a beer, there’s an option for everyone. The hot beverage choices range from espresso to hot chocolate or tea.

The price for this lunch menu consists of the burger’s price plus an additional €8.50 for the menu. Given that it includes a drink, hot beverage, and a side, the €8.50 price tag seems justified.

Mixed Feelings: Our Lunch experience at HANS IM GLÜCK

While our journey through the menu was promising, our dining experience took a somewhat unexpected turn. The initial service was relatively prompt, but then things started to slow down. The arrival of our drinks was delayed, and then, to our surprise, only one of our burgers arrived – my partner’s, complete with regular fries. My order was nowhere to be seen.

After patiently waiting for over 30 minutes and inquiring with three different staff members, my burger with sweet potato fries finally made its entrance. Unfortunately, by that time, my partner had already finished his meal. As a gesture of goodwill, we were offered a complimentary portion of fries. While the gesture was appreciated, it didn’t quite compensate for the lost time and the uncomfortable experience of one of us eating while the other waited.

As for the burgers themselves, they were decent but not extraordinary. Considering the many dining options in Konstanz, I wouldn’t unequivocally recommend HANS IM GLÜCK – KONSTANZ Marktstätte. If you find yourself craving burgers in the area, it’s worth giving it a try. However, I plan to explore other restaurants in town before considering a return to HANS IM GLÜCK Burger Restaurant anytime soon, even though I visited them plenty of times in the past nationally.

Address: Marktstätte 1, 78462 Konstanz
Opening hours: Daily 11:30–00:00
Website: HANS IM GLÜCK – KONSTANZ Marktstätte

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