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Cafe Colours in Ravensburg, Germany

Colours is a Cafe in Ravensburg in southern Germany. Located in the City Center it’s open every day from 9 to 1 am, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a variety of coffee specialities and cocktails. So yes, you can (/could) spend your whole Day there. When I went to Cafe Colours in Ravensburg it was during the early evening and on a Sunday it was still okay to find a free table. You can either enter the Restaurant through the more open part, where smoking is allowed, or through the Benetton Store during weekdays, and straight to the non-smoking restaurant area.

Cafe Colours in Ravensburg offers many dishes, both for Vegetarians and meat-eaters. Torn between a vegetarian Tarte Flambée and Pasta, I decided on a “Burrito verduras” with Mexican vegetables, served with a salad, nachos and creme fraiche. And it was no bad choice at all! The portion was big, as you can see in the Picture above and below again. The taste was really good, the tomato sauce of the Burrito fresh and fruity and what I really liked was the sweet-sour sauce mixed with creme fraiche to dip the nachos in – how genius and tasty!

After having a regular Coke to my burrito I later enjoyed an alcohol-free Cocktail to end the evening. Even though they have some very delicious Gin (like the Monkey 47 – so good!), I opted for a fruity one.

During the work days, Monday to Friday, they offer special lunch meals for a special price. As soon as I’m back in Ravensburg I’m definitely going to Cafe Colours again.

Address Cafe Colours Ravensburg

Bachstrasse 25
88214 Ravensburg

Opening Hours: every day from 9 am to 1 am

Cafe Colours Ravensburg Burrito Verduras
Burrito Verduras

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