Hostel “Haus der Jugend” at Deutschernufer in Frankfurt

Hostel "Haus der Jugend" at Deutschernufer in Frankfurt

If you are traveling on a budget Hostels are a great and inexpensive place to stay. You find Hostels everywhere in the world, but especially in big cities, where hotel prices are very expensive, you can find great deals, like I did with the Hostel “Haus der Jugend” at Deutschernufer in Frankfurt. With the international Frankfurt Motor Show in Town there was no free room under 300 € per Night or closer than 30 km to Frankfurt, so it was nearly impossible for me to book a room for one night in Frankfurt.

The Hostel at Deutschernufer “Haus der Jugend” in Frankfurt is well known to me as I already stayed alone in one of their single rooms, and with a friend in a double room, but I never ever stayed in a dorm room with strangers. What finally convinced me was the price of just 20 euros per night, including breakfast! And so I gave the Hostel and sleeping in an eight bed room a try.

Arriving to the Hostel am Deutschernufer in Frankfurt with public transport is not that easy, as there is no station very close. Departing from the main train station, with all my luggage, I took a train to the station “Ostendstraße” and walked the final kilometer. Another close station is “Lokalbahnhof.
The Check-In felt a bit chaotic as everyone behind the counter was taking care of everything at the same time, with just me waiting to check-in to my room. As I am already a member of the German Youth Hostel Association (“Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk”) I just needed to add some details and soon I was holding the roomkey in my hands. The higher floors can be rached with an elevator, what’s really nice if you have luggage with you. What I totally forgot was to bring a padlock with me, to lock my locker. But no worries, these can be borrowed for a little fee at the reception.

The 8-bed room I was staying at was rather small and not everyone had a chair or even a table. The whole room was equipped with two small tables and in total 4 chairs that are also the stair for the people sleeping in the upper beds – Fortunately I was able to change to a lower bed. Every bed is also equipped with one socket, but due to it’s position I wasn’t able to plug my Multiple socket in, to charge more things at one time.
As the “Free WiFi” was not working all the time from my bed I went to sleep quite early, at around 7 pm, and I could hear some people on the floor talking about how bad the Hostel “Haus der Jugend” in Frankfurt is, how every room looks different and is equipped with different things and so on. Partly I can totally agree, but as it was my first stay in a dorm room I have no other references.. but what I really didn’t get was that there were no rooms or possibilities to brush my teeth in the evening and morning, or I simply couldn’t find them. There is a room with the toilets and a sink, a room with showers and a sink and one room with washing machines etc. I ended up brushing my teeth in the middle of the night right next to the toilets..

If I had to stay there longer than just one night I’d definitely look for a room with a private bathroom, or even again a single or double room, as I personally need some more space to organize my luggage and clothes and stuff as I only had the locker that you can see below. And why was no one of the 7 other people in my room talking or even saying hello or bye? So weird.. What about you, do you stay at Hostels and what’s your experience so far?

Haus der Jugend
Deutschherrnufer 12, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
069 61001515

Hostel "Haus der Jugend" at Deutschernufer in Frankfurt

My Locker at Hostel Frankfurt
My Locker
You need your room key-card to open the toilettes/bathroom!
You need your room key-card to open the toilettes/bathroom!
Hostel "Haus der Jugend" at Deutschernufer in Frankfurt

Public Spaces with a view on the River Main
Public Spaces with a view on the River Main


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