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Cheesy Bites Vegetarian Nuggets by McDonald’s Spain

Pre-Christmas Season is always a perfect time to spoil. With no Bikinis in sight, it’s just a nice excuse to indulge in the Cheesy Bites by McDonald’s Spain. Recently, before my departure from Barcelona Airport, I stopped at the McDonald’s (in the food court to the left when leaving security, near the ZARA). It has actually become a tradition of mine now, to always go to the McD there to get a Coffee with soft serve, Café con Helado, before my flight if I’m not too tight on time. This time, however, as I haven’t had breakfast, I went for something different. Vegetarian Nuggets or “Cheesy Bites”. As it seems they are available just right now, as part of their Christmas campaign, until Christmas or until 2018. The 6 Cheesy Bites are served with a complimentary “Sweet Tomato Dip” and unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact price, but it was something around 2,49€ (via McDelivery they are available for 2,90€). If I remember right, I had similarly seasoned cheese bites with a similar tasting tomato sauce already in London about 5 years ago, nice McDonald’s brought them back as I really liked the Cheesy Bites thanks to their seasoned crispy coating. If I ever get the chance to eat them again, I most probably will! Except, of course, there is a Veggie Burger by McDonald’s available…

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McDonald's Spain Cheesy Bites with Sweet Tomato Dip
McDonald’s Spain Cheesy Bites with Sweet Tomato Dip

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