Falafel and Hummus by Fala Bar West Hollywood, ordered via uberEATS

Have you ever heard about uberEATS? It’s basically a regular Uber service, but for Food. You can order at specific Restaurants, all via the uberEATS App, as soon as they are freshly prepared, a regular Uber driver will pick them up and she/he will either deliver them right to your doorstep or you meet up at a meeting point on the curbside. You can use your already existing UBER Account to order via uberEATS. While in LA, staying in a Hotel Room with a nice Table and sitting area, I took advantage of this and tried ordering Food via an App, which I haven’t done before. Near my Hotel at South Fairfax Avenue, there were several Restaurants available. As a devoted Falafel and Hummus lover, I was able to choose between several Restaurants but went for the one with the lowest delivery time, Fala Bar West Hollywood. A delivery within less than 30 minutes was promised, perfect if you want to eat soon but don’t necessarily want to leave the house and pick the food up yourself.

ordering from Fala Bar West Hollywood

Among the many options at Fala Bar West Hollywood in Los Angeles, I went for a Falafel Plate including 4 Falafels and a warm Pita Bread. The price including taxes was $11.47, according to the receipt by the Restaurant, via the App I paid $16,49 including a standardized fee of $4,99 per order. During the order process, you have to choose the flavour of your Falafels and can select from Original, Sweet Potato, Spicy, Crunchy and Kale. Even though I wrote “2x original 2x crunchy” I guess I received all 4 crunchy, as they all were very very crunchy, and actually quite hard to bite. The Fala Plate with Falafels by Fala Bar West Hollywood also includes hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli as well as white and purple cabbage.

Once you ordered your meal you can follow the next steps conveniently via the App. It will display that the Meal is prepared, when it’s picked up and will, exactly as in the regular uber App, the location of the driver/car. As I chose curbside pickup I went outside about 3 minutes earlier, the time until delivery is shown in the App, to be on site when the driver arrives. Already with the passenger window down he drove and parked right in front of me, asked if I was Lisa and gave me the paper bag with my order, and drove off again. Somehow I think that’s a funny way of getting your Food, but I guess that’s just “very LA”. Before the driver left I did not have time to check if it was the right order if something was missing etc, I simply had to trust the Restaurant and the Driver. Just, as usual, you are able to rate the service and give up to 5 Stars for each Driver and the Restaurant. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a feedback button if something went completely wrong with an order, I think this should be improved in the future.

getting Fala Bar delivered by uber Eats

As soon as I returned to my Hotel Room I was so excited about finally eating my Falafels and Hummus by Fala Bar in Los Angeles. At first, I was a bit sad about all the packaging, but soon found out that everything was compostable – so so nice!
The included Pita bread was still a bit warm and the Salad was still cold, perfect. Unfortunately, both cabbages were missing seasoning, so it was quite unpleasant to eat them almost raw, next to both the quinoa tabouli and Israeli Salad. I ended up pouring bits of the Tahini over the Salad that I mixed into one big one, had the Pita with the tiny Hummus portion and tried to soak the Falafels in the remaining Tahini Sauce. All the Crispy Falafels were actually that crispy, at the end my jaw hurt quite bad from chewing so much and hard… The Falafels, my first Falafels in LA, were well seasoned but way too crispy and hard outside. Well, so far no Falafels have been as good as the authentic ones I had in Antalya in Turkey. In the end, the next time I’d probably only order a good portion of Hummus and two Original Falafels, with enough Pita Bread, and will definitely try uberEATS again as I got hooked on the concept of ordering Meals via an App.

disclaimer: This Post is not sponsored, neither by uber/uberEATS nor the Restaurant, I just wanted to try this service and share my opinion about it.

Update: FalaBar is not operating from Melrose Avenue anymore, but you can still find them in Santa Barbara!

Address FalaBar West Hollywood
Address: 7751 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046,USA
Opening Hours: daily 11 am – 11 pm
Website: www.falabar.com/locations

Pictures: Falafel Plate by Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles via uberEATS

Falafel Plate Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles uberEATS
Falafel Plate by Fala Bar West Hollywood - 4 falafels, hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, white and purple cabbage
Falafel Plate by Fala Bar West Hollywood – 4 falafels, hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, white and purple cabbage
Crunchy Falafel by Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles
Crunchy Falafel by Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles
Hummus by Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles
Hummus by Fala Bar West Hollywood Los Angeles

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