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Cocktails at Roomers Rooftop Bar overlooking Baden-Baden

by european travelblogger Lisa


Sipping Cocktails while enjoying a breathtaking view, sounds like a good plan to me! Perfect for a weekend, but why not also during a weekday?! To me, in general Rooftop Bar’s are something so nice. Whilst offering breathtaking views, most of the time, in combination with good drinks they contribute to a very good mood whilst also offering a different view of a city. The special thing about Roomers Rooftop Bar is that it’s not only a Bar on the Top of a Roof, it’s also the Top of the Spa area with a chill-out area and a pool. Sipping cocktails and swimming in the heated pool, sounds interesting. Of course, there is also a sophisticated atmosphere at Roomers Rooftop Hotel Bar, same as in the Hotel itself. Accordingly, the prices are also quite sophisticated. Prices for simple cocktails start at 10€, alcohol-free drinks like 0,2l bottles of Coca-Cola or Schweppes 5,50€, each. Besides the open air area of the rooftop which is shared with the spa area, for sure there is also an indoor lounge area.

cocktails at the Roomers Rooftop Bar

When I visited Roomers Rooftop Bar on a Friday evening at around 8 pm there were a few other people, not crowded but quite a few. Outside were two walking around in their bathrobes. To my first surprise, they offered Pimm’s Cup at Roomers Rooftop Bar. You don’t get that everywhere, unfortunately. My companion wanted to order a Ramazotti Rosato, which they didn’t offer, and she had a Hugo with elderflower instead. Usually, Pimm’s Cup is served in a long drink glass and it’s a mixture of Ginger Ale or lemonade, Ice, Lemon, Cucumber, fresh fruit such as Strawberry and Orange, and Pimm’s Liquor. Even though my drink (in a small Moscow mule cup(?)) tasted a bit bitter, as it actually should, but the 14€ for this miniature drink were more than overpriced. In comparison, that’s how a Pimm’s Cup should look like. Sure, Baden-Baden is an expensive city, I would have expected a proper portion and more than just two sips. Also, I only had lots of ice and two tiny pieces of orange peel, so sad. After an unsuccessful and unpleasing visit to this Rooftop Bar, we left as soon as the bartenders noticed our wish to finally pay, 26,50€ for the two drinks, with no complimentary nibbles, after ignoring us for 15 minutes. If I ever visit Roomers Hotel Rooftop Bar in Baden-Baden again, I’ll probably have a small bottle of Coke only, and soak up the nice view even more.

Besides the Rooftop Bar, there is also another Bar on the ground level with an enclosed outdoor area next to the moriki Restaurant, where Sushi and Breakfast / Brunch is served.

Roomers Baden-Baden Rooftop Bar
Address: Lange Str. 100 – highest floor (“Rooftop” in the elevator), 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
Opening hours: 9 am – 1 am (for Pool and Rooftop Bar)

Pictures: Pimm’s Cup at the Roomers Baden-Baden Rooftop Bar at night with a view of Festspielhaus from the rooftop of the design hotel

Roomers Hotel Rooftop at night

Roomers Hotel Rooftop at night

cocktails roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

cocktails roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

cocktails roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

cocktails roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

Pimm's Cup at roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

Pimm’s Cup at roomers hotel rooftop bar baden-baden

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