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Sushi in Baden-Baden at moriki (Roomers Hotel)

by european travelblogger Lisa


I’m a huge fan of Sushi! But as a vegetarian, as I also don’t eat fish, it can be quite tricky sometimes to enjoy those delicious rice-rolls. As soon as I heard you can get Sushi in Baden-Baden at moriki, I had the immediate urge to try it! “A modern Japanese cuisine experience” is offered at moriki Restaurant Baden-Baden. moriki is the Hotel Restaurant at Roomers Design Hotel and open daily. With the modern interior design and especially thanks to the culinary experience, moriki is definitely an enrichment to the restaurant scene in Baden-Baden. All the other guests at moriki in the late afternoon / early evening were young, or still young at heart, and super stylish and dressed up. Well, Baden-Baden is still one of the few places where it’s acceptable to wear real fur…

sushi Dinner at moriki Baden-Baden

If you’re not eating fish, you often feel completely misplaced in a sushi restaurant. Luckily, moriki isn’t only offering fish, they also have some few dishes without fish or meat. To have a good variation of everything, I went for one fried dish and two Sushi with 6 pieces each. Served with mayonnaise and a super spicy dip (I first thought it’s ketchup, dipped in, and regretted it immediately) the fried mandu for 6€ are deep fried vegetable dumplings. They are offered in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. Mine had some “weird pieces” inside, which could have been chicken, in my opinion. After asking the waitress my fried mandu were definitely meat-free, but she couldn’t tell me more about the exact ingredients of the vegetable dumplings. Well, I ate them anyway, but still with a weird feeling… Not questionable at all was the Sushi. I had tamago maki with sweet omelette for 6 € and kappa maki with cucumber for again 6 €. In the contact details below, you’ll find a link to the menu at moriki Baden-Baden. To end this fest, for sure I had a chocolate fondant for 10 €m warm chocolate cake with plum (which I skipped) and sesame ice-cream.

moriki Baden-Baden / Sushi Restaurant at Roomers Hotel

Address: Lange Str. 100, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
website: www.moriki-badenbaden.de
menu: roomers-badenbaden.com/moriki-bad-menu-EN.pdf
Opening Hours: Breakfast daily 6.30 AM – 11.00 AM, À la carte Monday – Sunday 12.00 PM – 11.00 PM

Pictures of my Sushi in Baden-Baden at moriki (Roomers Hotel)

 fried mandu deep fried vegetable dumplings moriki sushi baden-baden roomers hotel restaurant travel blogger joydellavita

fried mandu 6€ – deep fried vegetable dumplings

tamago maki with sweet omelet & kappa maki with cucumber - moriki sushi baden-baden roomers hotel restaurant travel blogger joydellavita

tamago maki with sweet omelet 6 € & kappa maki with cucumber 6 €

 chocolate fondant warm chocolate cake, plum, sesame ice-cream - moriki sushi baden-baden roomers hotel restaurant travel blogger joydellavita

chocolate fondant 10 € warm chocolate cake, plum, sesame ice-cream

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