Lunch at coop Restaurant in Landquart

In Switzerland, it’s not unusual to eat at a Supermarket. May it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, most is often served in buffet style. In the past, I have often visited the Migros Restaurants, by the swiss supermarket chain Migros, for breakfast but more often for lunch after successful shopping. To sustain this kind of tradition, I went to coop Restaurant “on the other side” of Landquart train station after a pleasent shopping experience at the Fashion Outlet. Be aware, the hot lunch buffet is only available until 2 pm (I went there at 1:52pm, oops!). The selection offered a variety of vegetables, carbs (rice, noodles), a hot meat-free dish as well as a meat and fish option. Plenty to choose from! The price at coop Restaurant Landquart is per plate, not per weight. This definitely invites you to be generous with sauce, which is fantastic. My meal was delicious, still adequatly tempered and I can definitely recommend eating at a coop Restaurant. It’s self-service and after having filled your tray, you may pay your drinks, meal and snacks at the check-out register. Seating is upon availability.

Address coop Landquart: Werkstättestrasse 5, 7302 Landquart, Switzerland

coop restaurant landquart
coop landquart
coop buffet restaurant landquart
coop buffet restaurant landquart

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