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Cotto Espresso at Rundle Mall Adelaide

Delicious coffee is available everywhere in Adelaide. I did not find really large chains in Australia (that I know from Europe), but a few smaller and individual ones. One of them is for example Cotto Espresso, with some branches in Adelaide. One of their coffee houses is not only located in the shopping street ‘Rundle Mall’, but also right across the street from my Hotel, Mayfair Hotel Adelaide. Cotto Espresso is not only a ‘Coffee Shop’, they also sell Panini Breads and other sweet delicacies. The menu is also available on their website.
Although the Store did not seem busy at all, it took quite a while until they prepared my Flat White. After the first sip, I noticed why they must have prepared it with an extra portion Love. In front of the door of the cotto espresso in the Rundle Mall, you can serve yourself with napkins, sugar and lids for the coffee. Seats and Tables are available inside and outside the Shop in Rundle Mall. Don’t get confused by the name ‘Mall’, it’s no covered Shopping Mall like you might imagine it, it’s an uncovered street, for pedestrians only, with hundreds of shops and restaurants.

Address cotto espresso in Rundle Mall Adelaide

40 Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000

Flat White Coffee by Cotto Espresso Adelaide

cotto espresso rundle mall adelaide
Flat White by cotto espresso at rundle mall adelaide

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