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Veggie Burger @ BurgA’nomix Glenelg Beach

by european travelblogger Lisa


BurgA’nomix in Glenelg Beach, Australia, are doing everything right with their Burgers. Tasty Burger, delicious sauces and a toasted bun, in addition to the very best potatoes. Don’t get a wrong impression, I’m talking about a Vegetarian Burger here! Located closely to the Beach of Glenelg Beach the Restaurant is perfectly situated, you can enjoy burgers with a view of palm trees. Glenelg is a small town near Adelaide in South Australia, right on the beach. The tram runs several times every hour from Adelaide directly to Colley Terrace and Mosley Square, with the beach on one side and next to several restaurants and cafes, including BurgA’nomix, on the other. The Burger Restaurant offers seats outside in front of the shop as well as inside. On a sunny autumn day, I decided, of course, for a place outside. BurgA’Nomix in Glenelg offers Burger with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Seafood, Steak and vegetarian options.

From the two vegetarian Burgers at BurgA’nomix in Glenelg, I decided to go for Grecco Burger. For 14 AUD, 9.66 €, you get a roll of choice, I have chosen a brioche bun, together with grilled mushrooms, grilled Halloumi cheese, roasted zucchini, roasted aubergines, caramelised onions and rocket. Among the Bread you can choose between Brioche, wholemeal sesame topped bun and a sourdough gluten free bun.
Fortunately, they offer tap water for free, how nice! The burger, which I ordered without any supplements, was brought to the table and to my surprise there were three potato chips on the cardboard tray. I really do not want to downgrade the taste of the Burgers, but the potatoes were so delicious! The potato was crispy, and the skin itself once again and the spice was also very good. A portion of this fries should be absolutely ordered! The burger itself was also good, although it came without any sauces or dips, the juice of the grilled vegetables was enough. The inner Brioche Bun sides were toasted and the rocket brought a pleasant freshness. BurgA’Nomix in Glenelg near Adelaide is, for vegetarians, absolutely recommendable!

Address BurgA’nomix Glenelg Beach

Shop 2/1
Colley Terrace
Glenelg S.A 5045

Burger Restaurant BurgANomix in Glenelg Beach

Burger Restaurant BurgA’nomix in Glenelg Beach

Grecco Burger BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Grecco Burger BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Grecco Burger BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Grecco Burger BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Grecco Burger BurgANomix Glenelg Beach JoyDellaVita

Burger & Palm Trees

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