Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran
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Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Europe and crossing Lake Constance by Ferry is an ideal option to not just cross the lake, you can also travel to another Country very easy. Around Lake Constance are three Countries located: Germany, with the biggest part, followed by Switzerland and the smallest part around the Lake is under the administration of Austria. As the area around Lake Constance is a pure tourist delight, the roads around are often quite full in summer and traffic jams are not rare. So why not avoiding the roads around the Lake if you can travel more relaxed on the Lake? In this Article, you get to know the different ways of crossing Lake Constance by Ferry, Boat or Katamaran.

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry from Friedrichshafen <> Romanshorn

If you are travelling by Car, and want to cross the Lake easily, the car ferry from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn might ease your travel a lot. But not just for Cars and People, for sure you can use this one with your motorbike or bicycle or motorhome as well. The first5:42 am starts at 5:42 am and the last one at 9:30 pm. You can either pre-buy your ticket at a ticket office ashore or just aboard, what is recommendable if you’re travelling spontaneously. The ride takes about 40 minutes and little over 15 minutes the ferries can be boarded and left again. Upstairs is a gastronomy and seating, even without consumption, and in the basement there are toilets.

Price per Adult: 9,20 Euro / 10,20 CHF Price per Kid (6-15): 4,60 Euro / 5,10 CHF Price per Car: 31,40 Euro / 34,50 CHF to 44,30 Euro/48,70 CHF (different prices apply on different sizes of Cars/Vehicles!)
You can find their current timetable here.

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry from Meersburg <> Constance

If you want to travel from Germany to Germany on a Car Ferry you should use the Car Ferry from Meersburg to Constance (Konstanz). With this, you can skip driving around Lake Überlingen, the upper-west part of the Lake, and save time on your route. The ferries depart every 30 minutes, run 24 hours a Day and one crossing takes 15 minutes. Upstairs all the ferries is a gastronomy and seating, even without consumption, and in the basement there are toilets. You should prepare yourself that, especially during the hot summer months, the ferry is used a lot and eventually you need to wait until the next one. During this time they often have more car ferries in service and reduce the waiting times a lot!

Price per Adult: 2,90 Euro Price per Kid (6-15): 1,40 Euro Price per Car: 8 Euro to 13,90 Euro (different prices apply on different sizes of Cars!)
You can find their current timetable here.

Crossing Lake Constance by Katamaran from Friedrichshafen <> Constance

The Katamaran connect the two biggest cities at the Lake, Friedrichshafen and Constance, on an hourly basis. Starting in the early morning they drive up to the late evening during the summer. Single Tickets for the experience cost 10,20 euro per Adult and 5,10 Euro for children aged 6 to 14. Talking about an experience, you should definitely try a Catamaran once! The ride from Friedrichshafen <> Constance takes about 45 Minutes and after 20 minutes of travelling you should either go to the back or front of the Cat as at this time both operations Katamaran pass each other and this always results in some waves – a fun experience especially for kids!
The Tickets can’t be purchased online, but there are ticket machines (they are not always working properly as I experienced by myself) at both entry points.

Price per adult: 10,20 Euro Price per Kid (6-14) and per Dog: 5,10 Euro Price per Bicycle: 4,60 Euro
You can find their current timetable here.

Travelling by Boat on Lake Constance

If you’re not travelling by Car you can enjoy even more ships or boats on Lake Constance. On most, it is allowed to take your bike or stroller with you, or just enjoy them while exploring many small towns and harbours around the Lake. As there are so so many Boat Lines available on Lake Constance there will follow an another Post dedicated on these soon.

If you have any more questions regarding the Boats or Ferries on Lake Constance, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

Crossing Lake Constance by Ferry and Katamaran

All the Pictures were taken on a ferry ride from Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen. All prices are from June 2015, eventually, temporary discounts may be available, or prices will rise.



  1. Inocencia Trevis

    Saved as a favorite, I like your website!|

  2. Hi Margaret
    In Constance you will find more options regarding restaurants and shopping, it’s the biggest City at the Lake, whilst Meersburg itself has less (reasonably) prices options as it’s more touristy.
    Also, Car traffic is quite bad in Constance due to many Swiss people going shopping in Germany (it’s way cheaper for them) whilst there might be some nice cycling routes nearby Meersburg (towards Deggenhausertal, Illmensee etc), but public transportation is so much better in Constance.

  3. We are travelling to Lake Constance for four days cycling, and maybe a day of hiking. We are deciding on the best central location for the day trips. We have found accommodation and will stay in either Constance and or near Meersburg. Is one a better choice, than the other. We will have a car and plan to rent bikes. Thanks.

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I and my family plan to travel by ferry from Konstanz to Friedrichshafen in February 2018. Is there any ferry service during this month as I’m not be able to find the ferry schedule in Der Katamran website. How frequent will be the ferry service from both places. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi there,
    We are planning a cycling tour around Lake Constance next summer. We would like to begin our cycle tour from Lindau and then return to Lindau after 6 days cycling around the Lake. However, many of the cycle tour companies who transport cyclists luggage between hotels operate out of Constance – not ideal. What is the quickest way to travel between Lindau and Constance on the lake? Thanks.

    • Hi Deec
      Good question(s)!

      Lindau-Constance – well, unfortunately, there is no “quickest way”. There are three options
      1) driving by car is 101 km and will take about 2 hours
      2) you can use a combination of Train and Katamaran Ship (Train Lindau – Friedrichshafen Hafen, Katamaran from Friedrichshafen to Constance) which will take 2:10 hours (you can take bikes with you)
      or 2b) which will be again a Train from Lindau to Friedrichshafen Stadt and then the Bus from Friedrichshafen Stadt to Konstanz Bahnhof, this will take you 1:34 hours (no bikes in the bus)
      3) in summer (April – October) there is also a ship departing in Bregenz, and it goes via Lindau to Constance, this will take you 4 hours (bikes allowed)

      luggage transportation – Well, the companies might operate out of Constance, but you can also use it with a start in Lindau. They operate in one direction, from Lindau it would be Lindau – Bregenz – Rorschach – Romanshorn – Konstanz (this stop is mandatory as the drivers start/finish in Constance each day) – Radolfzell – Überlingen – Meersburg – Friedrichshafen – Lindau

      There you can find the direction of travel of those luggage transports:

      • Thanks very much for the info.

        A company called RAD + REISEN EUROCYCLE actually offer the option to begin the tour in Lindau, so this looks like the best option at the moment. Just got to check out their reputation now!

        Thanks again!

  6. Hi can you take your dog on the ferry from Meersburg to Constance if carried in a pet bag.thanks

  7. Good job, Lisa! Thanks for your info and it really helps! Could you please advise how to get to the car ferry terminal from Romanshorn train station by walk? Also, which terminal is the right one? See or Autoquai?

    • Hi Molly
      It’s Autoquai (its the one for ferries, regular ships leave from See) and from the train station there are plenty signs for either Ferry or Fähre. You just need to exit the small station towards the water, then walk all along the long house on the left and you are there. There is also a small waiting house, in case it rains or its windy/cold.
      Enjoy your trip!

  8. Nannie Kimbrell

    It is so hard to find bloggers from Lake Constance, hope you share more int he future!

  9. During my summer holiday my hubby and I are planning to take a Trip on the Water of COnstance Lake. Any recommendations?.

    • Hi Mandi
      Well, this depends on where you are staying, or where you want to go? If you are in Constance, for example, I’d recommend to take a Boat to Mainau Island. Or, if you are staying in Bregenz in Austria, you can take a Ship that stops in Lindau, Langenargen, Friedrichshafen, Meersburg,… Otherwise, just take any Route for one Stop, and drive back again!

  10. Thank you for the good writeup.

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