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Dinner at eazie in Amsterdam

by european travelblogger Lisa


eazie salads wok smoothies is a chain offering healthy and fast food with several stores across the Netherlands. I visited eazie in Amsterdam during my short visit to this lovely City. eazie helps to add healthy food in our busy and no time to cook or eat healthy-Lifestyle. The meals at the Restaurant are all put together with fresh vegetables and fruit and every meal is cooked and prepared individually for every guest, and all within a few minutes.

eazie in Amsterdam at Ferdinand Bolstraat

On the eazie Homepage you can calculate the calories of your meal really easy, just by clicking the ingredients. I’ve chosen omelette, Bombay curry, Chinese egg noodles, broccoli, bean sprouts, mushrooms, zucchini and french onions with a total of 514 kcal plus a bottled water. So in total, I paid 5,25 euro for the wok – Totally fine and the relation of what you get compared to what you pay is super! But, what about the taste and restaurant itself? How long did it take to eat at eazie in Amsterdam?

The Shop itself is located at Ferdinand Bolstraat 16, close to the city centre and even closer to the Heineken Brewery. The Restaurant opens every day at noon, but I went in the early evening to have Dinner at eazie in Amsterdam. The restaurant wasn’t crowded so I could easily order my food and the waitress was really nice and friendly. First I ordered what I wanted, a Wok with Chinese noodles and the Bombay curry sauce, then what I wanted to drink and paid it. After this, we went over to the bar where I’ve chosen the five different vegetables I wanted in my wok. My task was over now and after I went to have a seat at the window of the restaurant, and logged my smartphone into the free wifi that is offered to every customer, like three minutes later they already brought my dinner to the table.

The portion was really huge, the next time I should choose the small version with just 3 different vegetables, and it tasted really good. The veggies were very tasty and not overcooked and yes, I will definitely visit eazie anytime as soon as I’m in the Netherlands again.

eazie in Amsterdam
Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 16, 1072 LJ Amsterdam
Opening Hours: every day 12.00 – 22.00

Gallery of eazie in Amsterdam and my wok meal

Dinner at eazie in Amsterdam

Dinner at eazie in Amsterdam

Chineese noddles, Bombay Curry and 5 vegetables

Chineese noddles, Bombay Curry and 5 vegetables

Dinner at eazie in Amsterdam

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