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Café Delifrance Zaandam

by european travelblogger Lisa


During heavy Shopping-Marathons, you often need a little pick-up in between. An ice-cream, a quick coffee or a delicious cake. Or everything together. When I went to Zaandam for a quick visit, how beautiful is the Architecture!?, I haven’t done heavy shopping but I wanted to eat something before my early afternoon flight from Amsterdam Schiphol. An Ad for Macarons caught my attention for Café Delifrance and so I went in. It was in the late morning during the week so most other guests at  Café Delifrance Zaandam were mothers, or elderly women and men. A friendly waiter showed me my table within seconds after I entered the Café Delifrance and he even brought a second, English, menu to my table after he noticed that I’m not Dutch – how thoughtful!

The selection offers a wide range of French pastries to desserts but I’ve chosen a menu consisting of a coffee, some whipped cream and a Dutch Apple Pie. I have to admit that I liked it at Café Delifrance Zaandam. The staff was friendly, the food good, so what else do you need for a quick stop? When I went to search for their address, to insert it below here and for the Map, I noticed that the reviews on Google about Café Delifrance Zaandam are just so so bad. People talk about unprofessional staff or disgusting food, but what made me shocked is this comment that I translated straight from Dutch to English “Several times seen that with wipes both toilets, tables and the counter (!!) are cleaned!”. Okay, that’s bad, but this comment is already 3 years old. Let’s hope that they have separate cleaning utensils until now, or if you are about to visit Café Delifrance in Zaandam I would honestly ask the staff about it. If the reaction will be bitchy you can assume that nothing has changed in the meantime, or if they tell that it’s bullshit you can probably trust them…

Have you ever went to Café Delifrance? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Address of Café Delifrance Zaandam

Hermitage 12
1506 TX Zaandam
Tel: +31 75 612 3397
Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday & Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Picture of Café Delifrance Zaandam

Café Delifrance Zaandam

Café Delifrance Zaandam

Café Delifrance Zaandam

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Travel Diary: 1 hour in Zaandam - Joy Della Vita - european Travel Lifestyle blog 13 - August - 2022 - 12:19 PM

[…] Zaandam back in 1971. But not with a desire to eat at McD I went to have something more delicious at a Café – an apple pie and a koffiee before I went back to the Train Station to take the next train […]

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