Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam
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Test driving the BESV PS1 eBike in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an ideal City for bike rides, so I really enjoyed test-driving the BESV PS1 in this bike-friendly city. BESV, a new manufacturer for e-bikes, just launched their brand officially in Amsterdam at the End of May ’15 and during this spectacular event, I was able to test drive the BESV PS1 in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I haven’t had luck with the weather, it was raining, but I definitely tried to make the best out of the quick test ride.

First of all, if you don’t exactly know what an eBike is, here a little explanation and the difference between an ebike and a Pedelec (which is basically the same, but not at all..). A pedelec, short for a pedal electric cycle, is a bike that is using electric power as an assistant during pedalling/driving. But only during it and most pedelecs are limited to 25 km/h while ebikes can also speed up without pedalling and up to 45 km/h (or even more). So, a pedelec is just assistance and ebikes can drive electrically powered on their own as well. So yes, e-bikes and pedelecs are in theory the same.

Looking at the BESV PS1 eBike you soon realize that it’s well designed and for stylish and younger people, whilst most other ebikes are not well designed at all. The BESV PS1 is a vehicle for people that pay any attention to how they look and want to have a green image. What was one of the first things that I noticed during my time with the PS1, it is super light! Thanks to its Frame made of carbon fibre and other light-saving parts the whole bike, including the engine and the battery, weighs only 16,9 kg what makes it the lightest among its competitors. Not only during lifting the bike this light-weight comes very handy but fur sure also during driving less mass also saves battery and makes the whole thing move easier and smoother. For the electrical support, there are different options available, you can select them all without the need to take your hand off the handlebars since the operating element is mounted on the left handlebar.
But before you can actually drive you must do one thing that you already know from Cars, you need to turn the key in the ignition. No, this is no joke, the BESV PS1 can only be started with a key, your individual key. As with any other bike, the seat can be adjusted but now you’re finally ready to go!

The first meters on the BWSV PS1 felt a bit strange, only because of the fact that I haven’t been riding a bike for a while and the road was slightly slobbery due to the rain. But I got rapidly used to driving, again, and could soon start to play with the different driving modes and the different gears of the Shimano Acera Altus 7-gear transmission the bike offers.

Driving the BESV PS1 ebike in Amsterdam was great fun and through the electric support, you feel less exhausted at the end compared to a normal bike that is purely powered by your own power. Follow their international Facebook Page to stay updated.

Gallery of the BESV PS1 test drive in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam

Driving the BESV PS1 e-Bike in Amsterdam



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