Taking an UBER in Milan

Taking a UBER in Milan was a great and easy experience for me. When I left the City in the morning, fully packed with a backpack, a bag with my expensive/electronically guts, and a little suitcase I had two options. Either walking like 400 meters to a Bus station and riding this thing for 39 minutes and having to download the ATM App for Public Travel in Milan to buy a ticket as there are no ticket machines, or taking an UBER. The option of a taxi somehow didn’t come to my mind as I would have had to search for a number, call them and hope they understood English or they would be at least able to understand where I was and where I wanted to go et cetera et cetera. But who has the nerve for that at 6 in the morning? So I’ve chosen UBER for my last travel to Milan.

UBER is an international company with a headquarter in San Francisco and they convey Drivers and Customers via a simple Smartphone App. There have been a lot of controversies in the past and they have been even banned from operating in Germany. UBER offers two different kinds, and prices, for their taxi service. UBER Black is the business and more expensive version and UBER POP is more inexpensive with not so high-class cars.

how UBER in Milan works

Before my first UBER ride, I’ve downloaded the UBER App onto my smartphone, the app is available both for iOS and Android. Then you sign up there and connect either a PayPal Account or Credit Card, to pay for your ride(s). When I connected my PayPal Account first it somehow didn’t want to work, but I tried it sometime later and then it worked. Without directly booking a car there is already the possibility to check your route and see the price of the rate. The way from my Hotel in Niguarda would cost 7€ with UBER Pop and 22€ with UBER Black. You can also see how many Cars/Drivers are available in real-time and how long they will approximately take to drive to your current destination. When I checked the availability the evening before my departure there were times when there were no cars available. Neither any Black or Pop Cars. So you can’t book any car in advance and want to have it in an hour or the next day. In this case, you also need a little luck that there is one available and close when you need one.

my experience with uber in Milan

I returned the procedure of checking for the costs but now hit the button to hire the car. It immediately displayed the app. Arrival time including the driver’s name, the number plate and what car it is. I had an UBER Black, driven by Massimo in a black Mercedes E-Class. It said he arrives in 15 minutes, so I’ve used this time to check out, pay the city tax and went outside the house. Thanks to the Location I knew where the driver currently is and even though the point on my smartphone was about 100m behind I’ve immediately recognised my car thanks to the number plate. The car, with no banners or taxi signs, stopped in front of me, the driver jumped out, confirmed that it is me and opened the car’s trunk to place my stuff inside. Without any following words the tour started towards Milano Centrale Train Station where I arrived on time, but as it was 7 in the morning on a Sunday so there was no traffic at all. After parking at the taxi spots, Massimo, the driver, jumped out again, gave me my luggage and drove off. As I had a 10€ voucher I saved 10 euros on this drive, so I only paid 12€ automatically via PayPal.

edit: In London, I tried UBER Pool.

If you want a 10€ discount on your next UBER drive, use the code ‘DR6ZFUE‘ and enjoy your reduced ride.

Review of taking an Uber in Milan

All in all riding an UBER in Milan was a pleasuring experience but personally, the 22€ would have been too expensive for me and I wouldn’t have done the ride without the discount. The costs for the bus would have been 1,50€ but with 39 instead of 15 minutes.
Have you ever taken an UBER, what was your experience?

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