Electric Car with 500 km Range, Opel Ampera-E

by Lisa
Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

As you really like my Article about Opel Astra and OnStar, I absolutely could not miss sharing more about the Opel Ampera-E with you. The successor model to the Opel Ampera will now have a 500 km Range, making it an absolute game changer for electric mobility. The Ampera-E is offered in Europe by Opel, in the UK by Vauxhall and in the US the sister-model is the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Both the Bolt EV and Ampera-E were developed in close cooperation, but are still two independent vehicles. Their aim is to revolutionise the market for electric vehicles. Other than Tesla, the Ampera-e should will be available to the masses as the price will be lower. Unfortunately, there are no prices available yet, but in Fall 2017 we will finally know.

With a Range of up to 500 km, with just one full charged battery, the Opel Ampera-E is a true game changer. Electric Vehicles should be used where ever people are, to provide a better and fresher air instead of diesel or gasoline polluted, toxic, air. With such a long range, Full Electric Roadtrips are now possible. Imagine you can hit the Road and keep on driving and driving and driving, and within 30 minutes you can charge for 150 more kilometres. Great for quick city trips along the way, or quick naps to recharge your own batteries as well. And Yes, I’m already thinking about a possible Roadtrip Route to take with the Opel Ampera-E, to experience the capabilities of electric Roadtrips.

Due to the batteries in the bottom of the Car, the seating position is a little higher, compared to other cars, but not as high compared to SUV’s. I could not drive the Ampera-E yet, but so far I can’t wait for the revelation of more details. The Interior doesn’t miss any feature. Even the back seats have a heating function, the trunk is super spacious and a 10-inch touchscreen display is your control centre for entertainment, the car’s status, and connectivity. For sure the Ampera-E is equipped with the OnStar System as well.
More Details on Price, Colours, Interior and more will follow in a few months.

Pictures: Opel Ampera-E Electric Car

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita
Opel Ampera-E Dirver Seat
Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita
10 inch touch display, to control the car, entertainment, connectivity etc – fully customizable!

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita
Opel Ampera-E – spacious trunk

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

Opel AmperaE Electric Car Travelblog JoyDellaVita

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  • Malinda
    16 - December - 2016 at 12:16 PM

    This will be amazing. Thanks!

  • CharlesPal
    12 - December - 2016 at 10:22 AM

    As an American, this is fantastic to hear! Looking forward to it!

  • Lena
    17 - November - 2016 at 4:42 PM

    This is so cool!

  • miri
    17 - November - 2016 at 12:36 PM

    Thank you for sharing. This car looks so cool!

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