Where to exchange money in Los Angeles? (Euro -> Dollar)

Can you just go to any bank in Los Angeles to exchange Euro notes for Dollars? Well, I thought it’s that easy, but apparently, it’s not. From Europe I’m used to just walk at any bank and change my money from one currency to another, but not in the US. In the USA you have to go to a designated currency exchange office. The ones I was sent to are called AFEX – Associated Foreign Exchange. If you might imagine they have offices all over Los Angeles, you’re particularly wrong. To me the closest currency exchange office has been in Beverly Hills on the North Beverly Drive, another one is located in Downtown LA. If you look the exchange offices up on Google Maps, you will find some more in LA, but AFEX was recommended to me by a bank. Therefore AFEX can be definitely trusted, because who knows who runs all the other international money exchange offices, and what (horrible) rates including (horrendous) fees you get there. As I mentioned I was sent by a bank, when the friendly Lady asked how I found them, she even granted me a better deal on my exchange rate, waived the commission fee, how nice!

To exchange my euros for dollars I needed to have an ID, however, my national driver’s license was sufficient the first time. For the second time to change international currencies, I brought my passport, just to be assured. The service at the AFEX in Beverly Hills has always been so friendly, I can definitely recommend their currency exchange service in Los Angeles. If you have a hard time finding it, their office is located right next to Laduree. Keep in mind that they are only open Monday through Saturday, never on Sundays.

Address to exchange money in Los Angeles – AFEX Associated Foreign Exchange

327 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills
CA 90210
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Website: www.afex.com/unitedstates/beverly_hills_retail

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