Falafel Pita from Kikero Falafel Istanbul near Galata Tower


If I had to, I could totally live off Falafel ’till the end of my life. There is something so special about the taste that I just love – that’s why I eat Falafel Burger as often as possible. When in Instanbul, wandering the area from Galata Bridge to Galata Tower, in search for a quick dinner, before heading back to the Bosporus to watch the sunset, I opted for something small but delicious: a Falafel Pita from Kikero Falafel Istanbul near Galata Tower.

Two big and green “Falafel” signs outside the shop/restaurant highlight what you’ll get – Falafel. Falafel is a traditional middle eastern dish and the usually deep-fried balls (or patties) are made of Chickpeas and/or fava beans and some Spices and Herbs.
As I don’t likeeat Tomatoes I had to skip the tomatoes and the tomato/cucumber-mix my Falafel Pita from Kikero Falafel Istanbul was filled with Hummus, Pickles and red onions. The “Classical Pita”, which was surprisingly comparable to Ciabatta bread, is filled with Tahini, tomatoes and cucumber, parsley, pickles and three falafel balls.
Even though there could have been a little more sauce it just tasted perfect – the Falafel were still hot and the pickles and onions fresh and tasty as well. If I’m ever going back to Istanbul, what is intended to happen, I’ll try the Falafel Dürum with breaded zucchini (I’ve seen them, they looked so delicious!).

Address Kikero Falafel Istanbul

Şahkulu Mahallesi
Serdar-ı Ekrem Caddesi No.1
Check it on the Map

Pictures of Kikero Falafel Istanbul

Doesn't this packaging of the Falafel Pita from Kikero Falafel Istanbul look awesome?

Doesn’t this packaging of the Falafel Pita from Kikero Falafel Istanbul look awesome?



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  2. It’s so saddening what’s happening to this beautiful country, I really hope people will visit Turkey again as they used to!

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