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The most famous people born in Skopje

So far, you haven’t heard of Skopje, well, that’s fine. However, you may have already heard of one of the (few) famous people who saw the light of day in Skopje. Below is a brief overview of the celebrities from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

These people were born in Skopje, or have a close connection to the city

Josif Mihajlović – creator of modern Skopje
Considered the founder of modern Skopje, he was “a man of vision and intelligence“.

Milcho Manchevski
New York-based film director, writer, photographer and artist Milcho Manchevski was born in the Macedonian capital Skopje on October 18, 1959.

Darko Panchev
Golden Boot winner Darko Pancev feels a special bond with his hometown of Skopje.

Mother Teresa
Indian nun and missionary
(see cover picture)

Nikola Ristanovski

Pero Antic
Basketball player

Simon Trpčeski

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