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Free Download: Handwriting by Greta Thunberg for your computer as a digital font

Most probably everyone, with regular reception to the internet and a slight interest in news, has seen the self-written sign of Great Thunberg. Skolstrejk för klimatet was, and still is, scribbled on her protest sign, written in beautiful capital letters. Inspired by Gretas handwritten letters, a startup called Uno has produced a digital font for computers. The digital font of Greta Thunberg, to call it that way. The file is online here available on Google Drive for free download.

Just open the link, save the file and move it to the fonts or fonts folder on your computer. If you do not know exactly where this folder is on your drive, just use the Spotlight search on Mac (press cmd + spacebar right next to it, then type font…) or on Windows, just hit the windows symbol on the keyboard (the flag) and type in font… Then open the folder and move the “GretaGrotesk.otf” file from Downloads to the new folder. Then reopen your writing or graphics/image editing program and the font should appear under “G” 😉

Skolstrejk för klimatet Greta Thunberg font
Skolstrejk för klimatet Greta Thunberg font

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