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RAW BITE Coconut Bar – Vegan and delicious

RAW BITE Bars are vegan and super delicious. They are purely made out of fruits and nuts, and nothing else. The RAW BITE Coconut consists out of 57% Dates, 25% almonds and cashews as well as 16% coconut and 2% coconut oil. You get them as 50g pieces in a plastic covering. Thanks to that the RAW BITE Bar is ideal for a take away, and you can enjoy them wherever you want and they are a great source for instant energy when traveling.
Speaking of its ingredients you might already think about its calories, and they are quite heavy (and comparable to the totally unhealthy snickers or twix bars) in energy. 100g have 426 kcal, so one single bar has 216 calories which is a bit too much for a regular snack, for me. But after exercise or after walking and exploring a city it’s absolutely the right thing and thanks to its plastic packaging you can enjoy the RAW BITE Coconut Bar on multiple times.

Already with the first bite I had visible almond pieces and the coconut bar smelled and tasted like coconut but also sweet like dates. I really liked the Coconut bar but will try other vegan flavors soon, too.
Meanwhile you get the RAW BITE bars in every bigger “healthy” supermarket or shop. If not, just ask your local dealer and hopefully for you they will add them to their assortment soon. Or, just buy them online:

Buy the RAW BITE Coconut Bar online

RAW BITE Coconut Bar - Vegan and delicious
RAW BITE Coconut Bar – Vegan and delicious

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