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Getting around Manchester is super convenient with Public Transport. May it be by Train, Bus or Metroshuttle, there are many ways to reach your destination. What both surprised, and impressed, me the most are the free Metroshuttle Buses in Manchester. They run daily, feature free WiFi and are completely free of charge. Everyone can hop on and hop off and move around Manchester, how nice!

Manchester Train Stations

In total, there are 5 Train Stations in Manchester City, plus one at Manchester Airport. The ones in the City are Victoria, Piccadilly, Oxford Road, Deansgate and Salford Central. They connect the City to other Towns and Cities, such as Liverpool, London, Leeds and more. Check out timetables, prices and buy tickets on www.virgintrains.co.uk. One way Tickets from Manchester to London start at just £21.00 per adult.

Manchester Bus & Tram Lines

Besides the free of charge Bus Lines, the Manchester Metroshuttle, there are of course also regular Bus Lines. A large Bus Station is at Piccadilly Gardens in the City Centre of Manchester, connecting you with lines to Stockport or south to University of Manchester. Where what Lines are stopping at Piccadilly Stop can be found in this PDF. Also, you can visit the ‘Route Explorer‘ to find out suitable Lines for your Route.

Manchester Metroshuttle – Free Bus Line

In Manchester, there are 3 Metroshuttle Lines. These Buses operate the main rail stations, car parks and shopping areas. Some of the Lines run from 6.30am, other till 7.20pm, each on workdays, on the weekends there are different times. They usually run every 10 Minutes, so you (almost) don’t need a Timetable, there is almost always a Bus around. More Information on the times can be found on this website.
Metroshuttle 1: Piccadilly Station – Portland Street (Chinatown) – Peter Street (Manchester Central) – Deansgate (Spinningfields) – Deansgate – Victoria Station ¬– Northern Quarter – Piccadilly Station
Metroshuttle 2: Piccadilly Station – Northern Quarter – Withy Grove (Printworks)– Victoria Station – Deansgate – Deansgate Station – Oxford Road Station – Peter Street (Manchester Central) – Deansgate – Victoria Station – Shudehill – Northern Quarter – Piccadilly Station.
Metroshuttle 3: Piccadilly Station – Portland Street – Charlotte Street (Chinatown) – Cross Street – St Mary’s Gate – Deansgate – (Spinningfields, peak times only) – Deansgate (John Rylands Library peak times only) – John Dalton Street – Cross Street – King Street – New York Street (Chinatown) – Chorlton Street (Central Coach Station) – Piccadilly Station
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