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Products I always buy at UK Supermarkets and bring back home

Whenever I’m in the UK I go to a Supermarket to buy products and bring them back home. Buying things online and getting them delivered to your doorstep has become a standard nowadays. But, luckily, there are still products you can’t buy all over the world. With McD Burgers, Haribo Gummi bears and Softdrinks tasting the exact same all over the world, in every possible country, I think it’s super nice to still find products you never knew existed in supermarkets abroad.

Yes, one of the first things I approach when visiting another Country is a local Supermarket. Besides Tesco or Tesco Express for necessities in the UK I really enjoy strolls around Sainsbury’s and Waitrose Supermarkets. Call me crazy, but you gain such an interesting view into cultures just by observing what groceries people buy.
During my recent Trip to Manchester, I got some products, that I just had to buy and bring back home. As I was flying with carry-on luggage only I had space and weight limit to fit, therefore I didn’t go overboard.

Products I always buy at UK Supermarkets


I totally enjoy reading in English. As books are usually too heavy to carry around, and I want something printed to read on planes, trains or waiting for Transfers, I stick to Magazines. As I live in Germany magazines from abroad are more expensive, as they have to be imported. Therefore I always buy at least one magazine when I’m in the UK. May it be something more serious or just an ‘easy read’, I buy almost everything that sounds interesting besides newspapers. This time I got a Cosmopolitan Magazine for 1£.

Cosmopolitan UK Supermarket Haul JoyDellaVita
Cosmopolitan Magazine


Cookies are great, aren’t they? Soft, gooey, or harder and crispy, they are available in any possible style and taste. Also, Chocolate as an addition to a Cookie can be hardly topped by anything (except for more choco, for sure). These Digestives Cookies are sold in different ‘flavours’, I went for the Milk Chocolate one and bought it at ALDI for 44p (0.44£).

Milk Chocolate Digestives UK Supermarket Haul JoyDellaVita
Milk Chocolate Digestives


Where else to buy Tea than in England? Exactly! Sure, nowadays you can buy Tea where ever you are, but when strolling around (I think it was) Tesco Express, I found this Mint Grean Tea by Twinings. At Home I usually drink Green Tea (with some Ginger), or Peppermint/Herb Teas, so why not combining both into one!

Twinings Mint Green Tea UK Supermarket Haul JoyDellaVita
Twinings Mint Green Tea

Healthy Snacks

I first tried these healthy(!) snacks back in summer 2016 in London and fell in Love. As Graze does not deliver to other countries I was starving excited to finally buy them again. (For sure I contacted the Company, I would have bought a big parcel just for me… but no, I had to come back to the UK is what they said…). Their snacks are each available in nice portion sizes, my favourites are ‘Punchy Protein Nuts’ and ‘Smokehouse BBQ Crunch’. The price is usually 1.20 £ or 1.00 £ if they are not on sale for ~65p like currently.

graze healthy snacks UK Supermarket Haul JoyDellaVita
Graze Healthy Snacks


The iconic Triangular Sandwich, of course you have to get at least one while you’re in the UK. Sometimes it is a bit hard to get them out the packaging, but also thank to it you can clearly see what’s inside the Sandwich. Usually they are offered with egg salad and cress, also of course as ham or ham and cheese or some ‘wilder’ options with more extravagant fillings. I got this two-cheese sandwich for 1.20 £.

Sandwich UK Supermarket Haul JoyDellaVita

Haul Video: UK Supermarket buys

Of course, I also filmed my UK Supermarket Haul for you, check out the Video below. To not miss any of my Videos, subscribe to my channel.

Products that shown in this Video: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Digestives Cookies bought at ALDI, Twinnings Mint Green Tea and Graze Choco Pretzels & Veggie Protein Power. Filmed in my Room at ibis Styles Manchester.

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