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Geological nature trail Sipplingen – children friendly hiking trail

The geological nature trail Sipplingen is a hiking trail for those hungry for knowledge. On this 5.4 km route hikers can learn a lot about the geological as well as faunal history of the region. And the best part of the route? You can enjoy fantastic views of Lake Constance, truly fantastic views. The lake is so sparkly blue and still in front the area of Sipplingen, its truly magical and you won’t feel like you’re in the south of Germany. Instead of just laying on the grass at the Natural beach Sipplingen, why not doing some physical exercise and exploring at the same time?

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Geological nature trail Sipplingen / Geologischer Lehrpfad – 5.4 km route

The hiking route for the geological nature trail Sipplingen starts near the harbor, at P1 parking. During the course of this 5.4 km long route you will have exactly both 276 meters of ascent and descent. The highest point will bring you up to an elevation of 671 meters above sea level, before returning back to the city at a height of 395 m above general sea level. The shore of Lake Constance is luckily just at the tips of your feet, for a refreshing dip or walk in the water.

Follow this route and map below, to visit all information boards. Along the geological nature trail Sipplingen you will pass 11 information boards, covering a whopping 20 million years of local history. For example, did you know just a few hundred meters by air from Sipplingen at Lake Constance you can reach Africa – as Switzerland nowadays lays on the African continental plate, what formed the Alps back then. The beginning of the formation of the Alps took place about 65 million years ago in our Earth’s Cenozoic period. Unfortunately the boards are in German only, but you may use Google Translate for live-translations of printed text to easily translate the information into your preferred language.

Even though the information provided is, also, super exciting for children, its rather a route for teenagers and adults. As the hike of almost 300 meters in elevation and the duration of more than 5 km is not super young-children friendly, the offspring should be older and well capable of walking this distance all by themselves without whining too much.

If the embedded map is not properly displayed, you can also check it out here:

Geological nature trail Sipplingen hiking route lake constance

african continental plate lake constance alps Geological nature trail Sipplingen

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