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Why women need a small female day hiking backpack


Read here a quick Review Preview, a new addition to the Travel Gear section, and why women should own a small female day hiking backpack. In my case, in the form of the Osprey Tempest 24. What are the most stunning destinations, without appropriate gear? Having the right, or wrong, gear can definitely make or break a trip… All you want is to focus on scenery and your own condition, not on an ill-fitting back hurting your neck or shoulders. Hence, its important to the properly equipped. Especially as a female. Definitely not speaking of “a backpack shouldnt be too heavy when carried by a woman”, but of the right fit. It might be of no surprise to you, but males and females do have different anatomy. Therefore, having a small female day hiking backpack is an important addition to the Travel Gear section.

Why a female backpack is important for women

The reason why it is so important you have to own a dedicated backpack for women is simple! As a female, you have probably often encountered products which are strictly available for either women or men. Often those diversifications are simply marketing for a higher price tag for the female “pink” version. Pink Tax is a term used to describe if a pink version of a product is more expensive than the blue version. Usually, it doesn’t make a difference. Whatever is your biological gender, you should be able to use both versions. But, stop, at some circumstances, it actually does make a difference! Read here what you should keep in mind before buying your next (hiking/travel) backpack.

Fellow females, get yourself that small female day hiking backpack for women!

Recently I got my first hiking backpack, as the time since March of 2020 has definitely taught me to appreciate nature more. At first, I was hesitant, as the one I preferred was specifically described as a woman’s backpack. For sure pink tax came to my mind and I was immediately searching online for the male version of the identical backpack. Just in case, but soon I found out why it actually makes a lot of sense to differentiate between backpacks for men and backpacks for women.

The same usually also goes for clothing, because, each body is different! Who would have thought, right!? Out of 100 people, 50 male and 50 female, about 50% will belong to more or less one body type of being taller with a wider body and wider shoulders, with the other 50% featuring a rather smaller width and also more narrow shoulders. As backpacks, especially for hiking or traveling, are worn over longer periods, often for more than 12 hours a day, they simply have to fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. Nobody wants to endure a too narrow or too wide backpack on their shoulders for too long. This will eventually also result in a bad posture which your muscles and in the end also bones won’t cherish greatly. The same also applies to shoes, those just need to fit like a second skin, if you want to avoid possible damages.

Osprey Tempest 24 small female day hiking backpack outdoor light grey summer blogger lisa joydellavita

What to consider when shopping for a ladies backpack

Long story short, you should have finally understood the importance of a proper backpack for women, as a female. But what exactly are some key points you have to obey. Especially if there isn’t a specific female version available. Regarding this, most high-quality companies will actually offer two versions, as a one-fits-all kind of backpack won’t fit anyone perfectly. Too many compromises will have been made during the concept phase for this product.

Backpack for women buying Checklist

  • check the sizes if your buying online, the backpack shouldn’t be too wide (absolutely not wider than your own back or shoulders!) or too long in height (your bum shouldn’t hold the bottom of the back, it should end some cm above)
  • small hiking backpack or voluminous travel pack, make sure the bag features an adjustable (padded) hip belt for better weight distribution
  • female backpacks are often a bit more fashionable, also offering different and more colourful hues
  • at best it should feature a sturdy back panel system for ensured stability and also back ventilation (to avoid a sweaty back in summer)
  • padded shoulder straps (the bigger the backpack the wider the straps should be for optimal weight distribution on your shoulders)
  • additionally, the straps should be ergonomically placed – for optimal movement freedom (you should be able to move your arms in all directions without being distracted by the straps!) – but this also depends on how wide the backpack is. Depending on this a V-shape or regular I I-shape will be more comfortable.
  • another important point is the reachability of every pocket, especially those for smaller bits – you don’t want to completely take off the bag and put it back on if you just want to reach for your phone, cash or just a hair tie
  • Also, the functionality of the bag should fit your needs – don’t buy a specific hiking to travel backpack just for its brand awareness, do some research and buy the one you really like (if you want your laptop or iPad in a specific pocket, do not settle for one without a dedicated pocket! You only will be angry at yourself for not choosing the right one)
  • All in all, a backpack should be a decade long companion, therefore, invest in quality and durability!
My new hiking backpack for women

After just a few excursions, from all-day trips to half-day trips, my Osprey Tempest 24 has been a super reliable travel partner. This backpack has the perfect size, fits my back optimally and features many clever features which surprised be constantly. In another article in the future I will dig deeper into its features and my full review. For now, you can check it out directly on the Osprey Europe website here: Tempest 24.

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