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healthy Brunch in Fulda at FLORA klostercafé

I can highly recommend enjoying a healthy Brunch in Fulda at Flora Klostercafé. As a hotel guest of Tagungskloster Frauenberg I was lucky enough to enjoy my start into the day at Flora Klostercafé, as their hotel breakfast is served there. Just wander from from the main building over old cobblestones to the entrance of Flora. It’s a public Café and Restaurant, adjacent to the Franciscan monastery areal. In the case of my visit, you were greeted with many rays of sunshine across both the full window fronts. Such a happy start into a new day! Especially after having slept like a baby at Tagungskloster Frauenberg. But more on that in another post here.
Unfortunately you cant occupy the “best seats in the house” as hotel breakfast guests, as those are blocked for individual paying guests of the Café. Quite fair..

My hotel breakfast / healthy Brunch in Fulda at FLORA Klostercafé

As I visited during a period as covid restrictions just got loosened, my experience might differ from nowadays.
Upon entering i was asked about my choice of drinks, and went for an orange juice and a Cappuccino. Now I selected a meat-free vegetarian option and got served a nice plate with the following, as well as a bread basket. My healthy vegetarian brunch included: 2 rolls & 1 mini croissant from the in-house Antonius bakery, sausage and salmon and or only cheese selection in organic quality, boiled egg, tomato & mozzarella, raw vegetables & herb curd cheese, jam, Bircher muesli & fruit salad, 1 coffee speciality, 1 glass of orange juice.

I was super happy with this hotel breakfast, one of the better ones actually, and could happily leave. There was no hustle about proving my hotel guest status or anything, as they had a name list of all guests. Super seamingless and always kind and friendly. Based on my experience as a hotel guest, I can hightly recommend a visit to FLORA for a healthy brunch breakfast just above Fulda. Prices for breakfasts at Flora Fulda even start at 6,50 € per Person, check out their website below for more info on their varied, healthy, breakfast options!

After enjoying your own delicious brunch, I can more than recommend, even beg you, to take a stroll through the  monastery garden. What a tranquil place!

healthy Brunch in Fulda at FLORA klostercafé
Address: Am Frauenberg 1, 36039 Fulda, Germany

Terrace healthy brunch in Fulda


bread roll croissant

Flora Fulda

bircher muesli fruit salad healthy brunch in fulda

boiled egg cheese healthy brunch in fulda
my healthy vegetarian brunch breakfast with an boiled egg and lots of cheese

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