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Fontenay Hotel Breakfast Hamburg

How does the perfect breakfast buffet look to you? What are some of the essentials you can’t go without, what is mandatory to you? Well, enjoying Breakfast at The Fontenay Hotel Hamburg Restaurant Parkview will definitely tick several of your boxes off. Not convinced yet? Lets start with the location. As the name suggests, the Parkview Restaurant at the noble 5 Star Hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg offers guests a view of their own park. But, in addition, also a stunning view of Außenalster, which shimmers beautifully in the rising early morning sun. The Interior of The Parkview Restaurant is very chic and classic, allowing guests dining experiences in an elegant yet homey and warm-feeling interior. With dozens to hundreds of Hotel Breakfasts under my belt, read my hotel breakfast reviews or all my hotel reviews, the one at The Fontenay has been among the very best. Even with current Covid-security-measures, the breakfast experiences has been par excellence.

Breakfast at The Fontenay Hamburg luxury Hotel

Breakfast at the Parkview Restaurant at 5 Start Hotel The Fontenay Hamburg is served daily from 06:30 am till 11:30 am. You do not have to be a guest, to enjoy their breakfast buffet. Upon check-in guests are asked to choose one of their possible slots for breakfast. This is only during current times, to make sure everyone gets to have a table and enjoy their breakfast relaxed. Therefore, if you are not staying at the Hotel, its well recommended to call beforehand to make sure a visit is possible for your.
More information can be found on their website: thefontenay.com/en/restaurants-bar/parkview-restaurant/

Breakfast Parkview Restaurant Fontenay Hotel Hamburg

Whats offered for breakfast

The Breakfast Buffet offers you:

  • selection of bread and buns
  • fernsah pastry, marble cake, yeast plait, muffins
  • selection of sliced sausages, ham, cheese
  • smoked fish, vegetable sticks with dip, raw vegetables
  • jam, marmelade, honey, nutella
  • yoghurt, curd, fruit curd, bircher muesli
  • cereals, grains, dried frui
  • fruit salad, fresh fruit, rice pudding with red fruit compote
  • Actimel
  • freshly pressed juice, mineral water

Besides the breakfast selection you can also order and customize a selection of hot dishes:
egg dishes

  • boiled egg
  • fried egg
  • scrambled eggs, egg whites
  • omelette, egg white omelette
  • poached egg
  • egg Benedict
  • egg Royal
  • egg in glass

each optionally with

  • fried bacon
  • roasted sausages
  • cooked ham
  • grilled tomato, tomato
  • mushrooms
  • cheese
  • herbs
  • vegetables
  • shrimps

Freshly prepared from the patisserie

  • Buttermilk waffle with fresh berries
  • Buttermilk waffle with powdered sugar
  • French toast with vanilla sugar
  • French toast with maple syrup
  • Pancake with red fruit compote
  • Pancake with powdered sugar

hotel breakfast buffet the fontenay hamburg

my breakfast experience at Parkview Restaurant at The Fontenay Hotel

My experience at The Fontenay Breakfast has been utterly pleasant. The calm atmosphere made me enjoy the delicious food even more. The first morning we arrived early and could grab a table right by the window facing the park and water. With the rising sun it has been an especially nice place to sit and enjoy the first nutritious meal of the day, before sightseeing. Once seated, a friendly lady already poured us our fresh juice of choice, and asked for our hot beverage orders. The buffet doesn’t look too big at a first glance, but offers almost everything one might ask for. The only thing I might have missed have been slices of cheese, however a small variation of loaves of hard and soft cheeses have been offered.

Fontenay Hotel Breakfast parkview restaurant Hamburg

eggwhite omelette Hamburg fontenay hotel breakfast
eggwhite omelette

Pancakes Fontenay Hotel Breakfast Hamburg

Parkview restaurant fontenay hamburg

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