How far is Dresden from Berlin?


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Dresden, a beautiful city and capital of the Free State of Saxony, in Germany. If you are anyway visiting Berlin, the capital city of Germany, you should definitely consider a day trip. Travelling within Germany is actually pretty simple, and also usually very affordable. Having a Car in Germany, and driving as fast as you want on the German autobahn can be joyful, but you don’t necessarily need a Car to get from A to B. To find out more I already published some articles about what to do in Dresden, including Restaurant recommendations.

How to get to Dresden from Berlin

How to get to Dresden from Berlin by Car

If you have a Car or rental Car, it’s quite easy to drive from Berlin to Dresden and back. On the German Autobahn, it is 192 km, one-way, which should usually take something about 2.5 hours. For a more scenic drive, I’d recommend taking country roads if your schedule is more flexible. Avoiding the motorway it will be a drive of 204 km which will take you about 4 hours, as you are not allowed to drive as fast as on the Autobahn. For the best Routes, and live updates on traffic I can recommend Google Maps (don’t forget to download the offline maps beforehand).

How to get to Dresden from Berlin by Train

Trains in Germany are operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB). To check Routes, and buy Tickets, I can recommend or their smartphone apps ‘Deutsche Bahn’ for both Android and iOS.

How to get to Dresden from Berlin by Bus

Long distance buses are very popular in Germany, with the main operator FlixBus. In the meantime, they have thousands of connections all over Europe, with more and more Routes almost every another week. Of course, there is also a Route in between Berlin and Dresden. The Travel Time is between 1:50 hours and 3:10 for direct routes without changing and prices start at 7,90 Euros per Person. Buses from Berlin to Dresden run more than a dozen times a day, from Dresden to Berlin also uncountable times. You can buy your Tickets either via their smartphone App, online or for a higher price at the bus driver(with no guaranteed transportation, if the bus is full it’s full). You can take up to 2 pieces of luggage and 1 hand luggage with you, for no additional costs. You can find all information on the Flixbus website.

Screenshot via Flixbus Route overview


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