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How to visit Ravensburger Spieleland in 2020 – desired date reservation, buying tickets, …

The current and still for long ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has started to change the level of spontaneity for a lot of people. Everything you want to do, has to be well researched. Some places have limited opening hours, some have closed and will eventually never reopen. The times of just driving by and entering a place of fun and enjoyment (cinema, beach club, park, …) are long gone. To help you with your research upon visiting Ravensburger Spieleland, I have created this quick overview for you.

Ravensburger Spieleland is the children’s amusement park my German puzzle and games manufacturer Ravensburger, with its headquarter and part of their production facilities in Ravensburg in southern Germany. Their amusement park Spieleland is situated just a few kilometres south their HQ, near Lake Constance. It’s an amusement park for children aged 3 to 12 years of age, with more than 70 different attractions. It’s possible to experience popular games by the brand in real life – such as Labyrinth, Kakerlakak, Gravitrax (up from 2021) just to name a few examples. Kids can go on joyrides with tractors, earn their own drivers license in small electric cars by Mercedes-Benz, or create their own customized Ritter Sport chocolate bars. The Ravensburger Spieleland (“game land”) is open daily from 10 am till 5 pm. In another article, I have clarified what to expect during an amusement park visit during the Covid-19 pandemic (requirement to wear adequate nose-mouth protection).

Address Ravensburger Spieleland: Am Hangenwald 1, 88074 Meckenbeuren/Liebenau, Germany
The bus stop for public transport: Spieleland B467, Meckenbeuren (in the direction from Ravensburg/Tettnang) & Meckenbeuren, Ravensburger Spieleland (in the direction of Friedrichshafen/Meckenbeuren train station)

How to buy tickets for Ravensburger Spieleland

Of course, the preferred method to buy tickets is online. But in the case of Ravensburger Spieleland, it’s only possible to use their online ticket shop for citizens of those following countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. If you are from any other country, such as the Netherlands, France, or the UK, you will have to buy your tickets at the on-site ticket office. But the good news, prices are the same for online- as well as physical tickets. For information on ticket prices, visit (german only)

How to make the desired date reservation for a day-visit to Ravensburger Spieleland

Nevertheless, the way of purchasing your entrance tickets for the amusement park, the currently most important thing is the online reservation for a specific date. Due to regulations regarding the maximum capacity of people visiting the park, there needs to be a beforehand reservation system, to prevent too many people (wanting) to enter the park. It is quite possible, if you visit without a reservation, that you are denied the entry to the park, whether you have already bought the tickets online or not. If the specific day is full, it’s full. To make sure you get access to the park, you have to visit the “Besuchsplaner” by Ravensburger Spieleland. As the park is located in Germany, the website is in German only. I hope my explanations and translations help in your quest of obtaining an entrance QR-code for the park.

So, let’s start in the assumption that you are purchasing the tickets on-site.

First of all, visit the following website: On the “Wunschtermin prüfen” (to check availability) site, you can check the availability of your desired date. Let’s assume you want to visit the park on September 15th 2020. Select the month September (if not already pre-selected, if you access this blogpost in the month of September), and click on the 15 once. Now select “Tageskarten” (day tickets) and hit the “prüfen” (check/verify) button. If there still is a green label, you’re good to go. This means, there still is availability to visit the park on this date.

Now, proceed over to “Wunschtermin reservieren” (to reserve date) on Here you now have to create a user account, insert the name and birthdate of every person, choose a date and verify everything. This usually roughly takes 5 minutes to complete, until you are rewarded with your desired QR-Code. Please note that the website works best from larger screens, such as Laptops or tablets, you might face some difficulties doing it on your smartphone.

  • First, choose “Ich bin ein neuer Kunde” and type in a valid e-mail address of yourself.
  • Hit “weiter” (next), now you have to fill out the form “Meine Daten” (my data), adding your name, address and birth date of yourself, as well as a password for your account (to be able to re-login in case you later want to change your date of visit). Proceed again with “weiter” (next).
  • Now in the step “Besucher” (visitors) you have to fill out the first- and surname of every person visiting the park (if you want to visit Ravensburger Spieleland as well, you won’t have to add yourself a second time, once as the account owner is enough), including each persons birth date. When asked about “Ticketnummer” (id number of your entrance ticket), choose “Kartentyp: sonstiges” (type of ticket: other NOT “keine” no ticket) and don’t type anything in the field for the number. You can each add 9 other people per reservation, 10 in total. Proceed with a click on the weiter-button.
  • Now you have reached the “Auswahl” (selection page for visitors & date) page. First select, again, everyone visiting the park. If you are just setting up the account, choose anyone except yourself. The grey buttons should turn green. Once they did, proceed with “weiter”.
  • On the “Anreisetag” page you can now finally choose your preferred date to visit the amusement park Ravensburger Spieleland in southern Germany. Just click once in the blank field, a calendar opens, and you are able to choose one date. Hit “weiter”.
  • In this final step, you can review your past selections. Is the date correct, the names of the people about to visit the park as well? If everything is fine, check the box and hit “verbindlich buchen und drucken” (make a binding booking and print).
  • Now you are greeted with a QR-Code and the happy sentence: “Vielen Dank für deine Reservierung” (thank you for your reservation). In the upcoming second you should receive an E-Mail, again with the QR-Code.

The QR-Code by Ravensburger Spieleland is used for guest data collection. According to current Pandemic-related laws and regulations, companies are required to record your times of arrival and departure. Just in case some infected person falsely visits the park during the same period, so you can be notified. Otherwise the data will be deleted. So, you will have to show the QR-Code (either printed on blank paper or on your smartphone or tablet) upon entering the Ravensburger Spieleland, after you have bought your tickets on-site at the ticket office (on the right, just before the entrance), upon entering and leaving each of their restaurants, as well as when leaving the park again.

If you do not wish this kind of data collection you are not able to visit the park. Or any other park, restaurant or anything now during the pandemic. Self-quarantine is anyway still recommended, especially with the currently spiking number of cases in any country, almost worldwide. Take care, wear your masks properly, and stay healthy & safe!

Featured image: screenshot website

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