Visiting an amusement park in Germany in 2020 – what to expect during Covid-19 pandemic


Ravensburger Spieleland Coronavirus

Visiting a kids amusement park in Germany in summer 2020, this sounds like an exciting day. But, what can you expect from your visit during Covid-19 pandemic, and what precautions have to be done? I’ll give you an example by looking into one specific park. Ravensburger Spieleland is the amusement park by German game and puzzle manufacturer Ravensburger, located in southern Germany near Lake Constance. It’s a children amusement park, targeting kids aged 3 to 12. More than 70 attractions aim to keep both the kids and parents busy.

Visiting an amusement park in 2020 – what’s different

The main difference of an amusement park visitig in 2020, to one back in 2019 or earlier years, is the requirement to wear a mask. As of August 2020, it’s still mandatory to wear masks in Germany, if you’re visiting restaurants or going shopping, or visiting an amusement park. The general rule is to always wear a mask whenever there are “crowds” of people in public areas, of if it might happen you won’t be able to sustain at least 1,5 to 2 meter distance to other people. Hence, the Mask requirement. But, as each region sometimes has slightly different regulations, and Owners still have house rights and can set up their own rules, it’s required to do your own research before visiting an amusement park, animal park, beach club, etc.

Below an excerpt of the current hygiene and protective measures by Ravensburger Spieleland: “The protection of our guests and employees is our top priority. So that you can spend a carefree day with us, we have implemented protective and hygiene measures in close cooperation with the authorities. We ask you to take these into account and to give all visitors and employees a carefree stay.

Please note the following rules:

Due to the current mask requirement, it is compulsory to wear a face mask in all covered areas, waiting areas of any kind and when using the attraction. This applies to all visitors aged 6 and over. Please note that loop shawls and buffs do not count as mouth and nose covering. If it is not possible for you to wear mouth and nose protection for medical reasons, out of consideration for all other visitors and our employees, we regrettably cannot make it possible for you to use the attraction.

Please keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters

We also ask you to comply with the common hygiene rules, such as frequent and thorough hand washing, sneezing and coughing labels and avoiding shaking hands.
We have set up disinfectant dispensers for you throughout the park. Our employees work with a mouth and nose cover and gloves for you and their protection.

Guests who are or have been in contact with a SARS-CoV-2 infected person and the last contact has not yet passed 14 days quarantine, as well as guests with symptoms of a respiratory infection or a high temperature, are not allowed to enter the Ravensburger Spieleland.” quote retrieved on August 16th 2020.

What you also have to keep in mind is the guest data collection. According to current Pandemic-related laws and regulations, companies are required to record your times of arrival and departure. Just in case some infected person falsely visits the park during the same period, so you can be notified. Otherwise the data will be deleted. Every company has developed an own system, read here how the children amusement park Ravensburger Spieleland handles this.


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