Iced Coffee at Cafe Glücklich Ravensburg

by Lisa
Iced Coffee Cafe Gluecklich Ravensburg

Cafe Glücklich is located a bit off the lively Marienplatz in the Old Town Part of the City. The Houses are small and often rather colorful and the general feeling is super lovely. At a corner there is Cafe Glücklich with a nice sitting area outside, next to a shadow spending Tree. The Cafe in Ravensburg in Southern Germany is known for the evening events, like Speeddating, or for the large breakfast selection. I went there on a summer afternoon and luckily scored a Table outside in the shadow. The area in front of the Cafe feels like a smaller town square and the mentioned Tree is really nice. There is self-service at Cafe Glücklich Ravensburg, but there are already menus on each table. The offered Breakfasts, cold and hot drinks including a coffee and tea selection. For sweets like Cakes or Pastries you have to go inside and check what’s available, especially as you anyway have to go inside to order at the counter. With a typical german Marble Cake, a Chocolate Tarte-like Cake and Muffins I went for Iced Coffee at Cafe Glücklich Ravensburg. For a price of 5,80€ the Portion was appropriately large. I received cold coffee with three scoops of vanilla ice-cream and some cream on Top. I was really surprised by the vanilla ice-cream, it tasted very creamy and (almost ?) self-made.
I really enjoyed my afternoon and the Iced Coffee at Cafe Glücklich Ravensburg and I’ll be definitely back!

Address Cafe Glücklich Ravensburg

Grüner-Turm-Straße 25
88212 Ravensburg

Iced Coffee Cafe Gluecklich Ravensburg

Iced Coffee Cafe Gluecklich Ravensburg
Iced Coffee by Cafe Gluecklich Ravensburg

Iced Coffee Cafe Gluecklich Ravensburg

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  • Rebecca91
    21 - October - 2016 at 7:41 AM

    Yummy 😉

  • Alexavia
    10 - October - 2016 at 11:38 AM

    Well made. Thanks!

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