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Vegan Ice-Cream at Cremeria Vanilla Riccione

Thankfully I discovered Cremeria Vanilla Riccione, among the other dozens of Gelaterias there, because they offer vegan Ice-Cream. What might sound like a big mistake for some, it is definitely not. Enjoying a delicious ice-cream without having to consume animal’s milk is just as right as having your ice in a cone. Vegan is more and more a thing and Cremeria Vanillia Riccione isn’t only offering vegan ice-cream, they also have gluten-free versions. And all enormously delicious, for sure!

During my visit to Cremeria Vanilla Riccione were six different vegan options available. I’ve chosen a piccolo cone for 2,20 euro with Frutti di Bosco and dark chocolate. Frutti di Bosco is identical to mixed Fruits or directly translated “Fruits of the Woods”, like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and so on. With my first lick I could taste the fruitiness but with more and more I tried it had some kind of taste I couldn’t identify right. Maybe because of the milk replacement they used. My favourite of both flavours was definitely the chocolate one, it felt a bit harder than regular chocolate gelato but it was really rich in taste. I can really recommend to everyone to try the vegan or gluten-free gelato by Cremeria Vanilla Riccione!

Address Cremeria Vanilla Riccione

Viale Dante, 114
47838 Riccione RN
Map: Cremeria Vanilla Riccione

Vegan Ice-Cream at Cremeria Vanilla Riccione

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