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Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Adelaide in South Australia

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia should definitely be on your List of places to visit “down under”. South Australia is located in the south west of mainland Australia and offers a diverse nature such as the nearby Kangaroo Island. Adelaide International Airport is a gateway to possibly everywhere in the world, with multiple weekly connections to the middle east, and further there to anywhere else. Adelaide itself is definitely an interesting city, as I experienced, and to always stay up-to-date on what I have to see and what’s currently going on, I follow multiple Adelaide related Instagram Accounts beforehand. Therefore I don’t actively have to search for interesting activities, they just appear in my regular Instagram stream. Below a curated list of all the Adelaide related Instagram Accounts you should follow before visiting Adelaide in South Australia.
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Overview of Adelaide related Instagram Accounts

South Australia’s official Instagram page @southaustralia

The official Instagram page of South Australia is definitely an account to follow, as South Australia is so much more than just the capital city of Adelaide. Nature, Wines and fresh produce, cute animals and so much more can be found on this Instagram Account.

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And finally, HERE IT IS! Our NUMBER ONE Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Congratulations to Charelle Baker for delivering this beauty back in April! Our caption back then read: “Ahhhh… can’t you just feel that outback sunshine? Charelle Baker spotted little Ruby the kangaroo soaking in the rays at Lake Gairdner the other day and snapped the moment perfectly! This 5 month old is one of two orphaned joeys being cared for by the team at @mountivestation – and word has it they both love the company of guests! Here in the heart of @eyrepeninsula’s Gawler Ranges this pastoral sheep station has been operating since 1864, and with plenty of 4WD tracks to explore by day you’ll sleep well by night – either camping under a canopy of stars or in the comfy digs of the property’s Stone Rooms and Shearer’s Quarters. #SeeSouthAustralia 🙈☀️🙉 [📍Location: a 2hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then a 6 hour drive to Mt Ive Station ]​”

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Kangaroo Island Official Instagram Account @authentickangarooisland

With just a 35min flight from Adelaide, Kangaroo Island just needs to be on your ToDo List of things to visit in South Australia! @authentickangarooisland is the official Instagram to follow for inspiration and luscious photographs.

Germany in Australia, @hahndorf_southaustralia

Founded in 1839 Hanhdorf is the oldest German settlement in all Australia, situated just a bit outside of Adelaide. German Cake Houses, German Beer, Brezeln, Lutheran Churches and just a nice getaway, even just for a day trip.

Adelaide News Accounts on Instagram | @9newsadelaide & @7newsadelaide

Both 9 News Adelaide and 7 News Adelaide have active Instagram Accounts, sharing news on everything that’s currently happening around Adelaide as well as bits behind the scenes of news broadcasting.

The official Instagram Account of Adelaide @cityofadelaide

Lifestyle Blog @theadelaidian

2 Girls blogging about what’s going on in Adelaide, experiences you have to take and where to shop.

Official Adelaide Oval Instagram Account @adelaideoval

Stay up-to-date by following the official account of Adelaide’s iconic building, the Adelaide Oval Sports Stadium.

What’s going on in Adelaide, follow @thisisradelaide

Probably the best Instagram Account to find out what’s culturally going on in Adelaide. “thisisradelaide” is also a website, providing a “fresh perspective on the culture, music, fashion, lifestyle and people that make Adl, RADL.”

Where to go shopping

Multiple Instagram Accounts to follow, from big shopping streets to the farmers market. Get your inspiration to cook healthy foods and the latest fashion trends.


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