Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany

Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Tübingen in southern Germany


Tuebingen or Tübingen is a Swabian city just some kilometres south of Stuttgart. Next to the widespread area of Stuttgart, Tübingen is like a smaller, more relaxed and in my opinion even more picturesque version of a Swabian city with a historic city centre. But as often in (southern) Germany, the internet with all of its social media is often pretty unknown, resulting in only a few online activities. Nowadays I solely research my upcoming travels online, of course, my visit to Tübingen was no exception. In comparison to other cities, such as Canberra or Palermo, with plenty of Instagram accounts to follow for a first glimpse of what’s awaiting you, there is barely anything for Tübingen. Granted, Tübingen is only a city with 88k inhabitants, of which most are students, I honestly expected more. So, here below the very limited selection of Instagram Accounts to follow before a visit to Tübingen in southern Germany. Due to the few, but very nice, highlights and sights in Tübingen, I’d recommend a day trip or a weekend trip at the most. The only relevant Instagram Account to use is #Tübingen.

Tübingen Instagram Accounts to follow


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a popular location for photos is: An der Neckarbrücke, Tübingen


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