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Is it safe to travel to Davos as a solo female traveller?

by european travelblogger Lisa


When it comes to planning upcoming solo trips, one thing usually always concerns me: is it safe to travel there as a solo female traveller? Regarding my experience in Davos, I have a clear statement: Yes! I wouldn’t say: yes, absolutely! But, Switzerland, in general, is a quite polite country with few crime rates (financial crimes aside 😉 ) and it’s definitely well recommended for females to travel to Switzerland. Whether you are a solo female traveller or in a group with your female friends (Girls trip to Switzerland, yay!) there is absolutely no need to worry! Unquestionably, it’s safe to travel to Davos as a solo female traveller! Sure, sketchy people are unfortunately everywhere and anywhere on this planet, but somewhat less likely in Switzerland. And especially rather not in a small City such as Davos. Just enjoy nature, hike a mountain, enjoy the views, eat all the delicacies with a stunning view, and wander the city. If you do not harass anyone, you usually shouldn’t be harassed, too. Keep attention to you as well as your belongings, and you’re fine.
All I can say is: enjoy your stay in Davos! 🙂

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