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Things to know before staying at a Hard Rock Hotel

Recently I have had the pleasure to stay overnight at a Hard Rock Hotel. Ah! What a dream come true! Yet, a dream I hadn’t even imagined… as I, until just a few weeks ago, I have had absolutely no clue about a Hard Rock Hotel in Switzerland! Yes, the country of chocolate, clocks and cheese has it’s own Hard Rock Hotel. Situated in Davos, nonetheless. If you are thinking about staying at any Hard Rock Cafe Hotel yourself, or at Hard Rock Hotel Davos, I have concluded some topics I want to mention, and for you to take into consideration, before staying at a Hard Rock Hotel! As always, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

What you should know before staying at a Hard Rock Hotel

Expect Food, but different Food

If you have already visited multiple Hard Rock Cafés worldwide (Nice, Ibiza, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Prague, London, Berlin, Rome,…), and have a few “favourite dishes” you might eventually be quite disappointed. At least int the case of Hard Rock Hotel Davos, they didn’t serve any of the dishes I have loved and eaten before at international HRC branches. The cauliflower wings, for example, or a nice delicious burger. Be sure to check out the Hotels Restaurant menu online on their website, to prevent any disappointments.

Expect Rock’n’Roll

As always in Hard Rock Cafés, there is a lot of authentic memorabilia on display. This is not only the case with the popular Cafés but also with the Hotels, which is sweet! Make sure to discover some really unique items as well as artworks.

Expect a souvenir shop, but different items

Again, if you have already visited multiple Hard Rock Cafe’s worldwide, you might have accumulated quite a collection of T-Shirts, Hoodies or memorabilia. As an example, If I’m buying something in their store, it’s usually the white shirt with the big logo and the city name below. However, in Davos, they didn’t have this shirt! They had other designs, quite nice designs, but nothing compares to the basic white Hard Rock shirt. As I have learned, the Hard Rock Hotels, in general, do have a different (and unique !) selection, compared to Hard Rock Cafés. That’s definitely something to consider, especially if you are an avid collector of Hard Rock Café T-Shirts!

Expect good music, as well as live performances

What would a Hard Rock Etablissement be, without a proper playlist? Upon entering the property you will be greeted with the best the genre of Rock music has to offer. But to spice things up a bit, you won’t only be able to enjoy music played through speakers during your overnight stay at a Hard Rock Hotel, no, you can also expect live music performances. Just check the performance schedule of your preferred Hard Rock Hotel, and eventually plan your stay/holiday around that event. You most definitely won’t regret it! Oh, and by the way, the venue of Hard Rock Hotel Davos is adjacent in a former church, what a perfect pairing to rock music live gigs 😉

Have you ever stayed at a Hard Rock Hotel? How was your experience, and what would you like people, considering staying at one of their Hotels, to know? Please leave a comment below 🙂

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