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Kunsthalle Baden-Baden – Human landscapes by Alina Szapocznikov

Kunsthalle Baden-Baden is an “art room” near the city center. There is also a serviced Cafe, which I should have definitely visited instead. During my quick 24 hour visit to Baden-Baden for the annual New Pop Festival, “Human landscapes” by Alina Szapocznikov was on display at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. For an entrance fee of 7€ per adult I have definitely awaited quite a bit. And got quite disappointed very soon after entering the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Kunsthalle, which means something like art hall directly translated, translated in real life into one not that spacious hall of exhibition. Usually, I take my time at (art) museums, read the descriptions and dip into the exhibited work. But not at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Just the (low) amount of exhibitons was a pity, for this price.

Alina Szapocznikov, the artist for the summer exhibition at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, revolved all her work, sculptures and drawings, around the human body. This was the first extensive solo exhibition for the polish artist which already died in 1973, aged just 47 years. After having to spend several years in concentration camps, as a polish jew, she eventually moved to Paris.

In her sculptures and drawings, she mainly dissected the female body into fragments such as lips, breasts, bellies and limbs in order to reassemble them and integrate them as traces into their almost abstract works. Often it was her own body that found its way into the work as an impression.

Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
entrance fee: 7€ adults, 5€ reduced (Students, groups of 15 or more, handicapped, …)

Kunsthalle Baden Baden

Kunsthalle Baden Baden Human landscapes by Alina Szapocznikov
Kunsthalle Baden Baden – Human landscapes by Alina Szapocznikov
Cafe Kunsthalle Baden Baden
Cafe Kunsthalle Baden Baden

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