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What languages are spoken in Davos, Switzerland

In the past, you might have heard of Davos. Mainly in the context of the annual World Economic Forum held every winter in Davos. Davos is also a popular sports destination, in winter as well as in summer. Therefore, Davos attracts plenty of international guests, for leisure and business purposes. But, what language is spoken in Davos? Even though Davos is a city in Switzerland, the answer might be simple. However, there are three official languages in Switzerland, Italian, french and german. Davos is situated in the eastern part of Switzerland, both not too far the Italian and Austrian borders. And Germany isn’t too far away, either.
If you travel to Davos, and you want to properly communicate with locals in your Hotel, at Stores and Restaurants, you might want to talk either German or English. Italian is also widely spoken, but not as fluent, I’d say, as the other two languages. However, as always, English will take you far and most people, young and old, will at least understand you.

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