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How to travel to Meersburg, the charming medieval town on the shores of Lake Constance in southern Germany

Already hundreds and even thousands of years ago people have been intrigued by the charms of Meersburg. Situated 440 meters above sea level, the medieval city is divided into two parts: the lower town right at the shores of Lake Constance, and the upper town with its historic sights encircled by a busy roadway. It is definitely recommended to visit Meersburg, however, in the warm summer months, you definitely won’t be alone. During summer the tiny streets and alleys of Meersburg are flooded by visitors. There isn’t that much to do and see in Meersburg, however, the tiny selection of sights and activities is definitely worth it. The views on the lake and nearby shores of Switzerland with its majestic mountaintops alone is worth a visit. If you want to visit Meersburg, you have to be cautious. As masses of people visit the small city on a daily basis, parking is quite difficult. Below you will find all your options on how to travel to Meersburg, to visit the charming medieval town on the shores of Lake Constance in southern Germany.

How to reach Meersburg by public transportation

Getting to Meersburg by Train

Meersburg is a small city located right at the shores of Lake Constance. However, even though train tracks pass by the town, Meersburg does not have its own train station. The nearest train stations, with regular connections, are Überlingen, Markdorf, Friedrichshafen or even Constance/Konstanz. From there it’s recommended to take a Bus to Meersburg.
Trains from Switzerland are connecting via Constance (there is a direct train to Zurich for example) and the train station in Friedrichshafen is connected via direct Trains to Stuttgart, Ulm and Lindau. Via Lindau, you are connected to direct trains to Austria (Vorarlberg, Innsbruck) as well as the bavarian Allgäu and Munich.
It’s definitely possible to travel to Meersburg by public transport from quite some directions.

To check out connections, I can highly recommend or the DB Bahn App for your smartphone.

Getting to Meersburg by Bus

As Meersburg doesn’t have a train station, bus connections are essential if you want to visit the City. Various lines are connecting to the probably most important bus stop, Meersburg Kirche at the church. You can travel all the way from Friedrichshafen Airport FDH, Friedrichshafen main station, or Constance. No matter from what direction you are approaching Meersburg, there is always a bus — often running multiple times per hour during the day. To check out connections and timetables, it’s, again, recommended to use or the app.

Getting to Meersburg by FlixBus

This is lap a convenient option if you want to get to Meersburg, taking a FlixBus. Without having to change busses, you can travel from those following cities straight to Meersburg Kirche: Berlin, Munich, Zurich, and more. To check out timetables and availability, you have to check them directly at or on their App FlixBus.

Getting to Meersburg by Ferry

Taking a car ferry or ship to Meersburg is a more leisurely option. Enjoy the benefits of Lake Constance, and arrive in style straight at one of the two ports in Meersburg. There is one port solely for the car ferries, and another one, more in the centre, for the boat lines. Some time ago I have already published an article dedicated on travel on lake constancy by Terry, Katamaran and co.

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