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What you can buy at a Le Creuset outlet

There is a possibility to buy the popular and hyped Le Creuset products for less. You don’t have to buy them second-hand, you can simply go to a Le Creuset outlet store. I had already discovered and visited a Le Creuset shop once in Landquart in Switzerland, and now again in Lower Saxony at the Designer Outlet Soltau in the southern Lüneburg Heath. The store is decently furnished so that the bright colours of the pots and cooking accessories can uniquely stand out. At the time of my visit, the Le Creuset Outlet Shop in the Designer Outlet Soltau did offer everything. Already during my first visit to the other Le Creuset outlet, the Mini Cocottes caught my attention. As I was travelling by train back then, they haven’t been an option, but now in Lower Saxony, I could finally get them, among other things. My shopping haul at the Le Creuset Outlet included two identical mini cocottes, ideal for parmigiana (deep-fried aubergines au gratin with mozzarella and tomato sauce), French onion soup or other small dishes. At the tisme of my visit, a limited edition round Mini Cocotte in ombre cost 11 euros, the oval one 12.50 euros.

If you are thinking about buying an original cast iron roaster/dutch oven from Le Creuset, or a tajine for a Moroccan holiday feeling at home, a visit to a Le Creuset outlet is very recommended. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the brand is quite expensive, smaller roasters still cost just under 100€, and of course way upwards. If you are looking for a small gift or a first starter-purchase into the LC world, there are plenty options such as the mini cocottes or various coffee mugs for less than 10€ each. As always regarding Outlet Stores, make sure the check out the website of the Centre for upcoming promotions and deals! Simply search on Google Maps for the nearest Le Creuset Outlet in your area.

Address Le Creuset Outlet Store in the Designer Outlet Soltau: Rahrsberg 7 / Shop 48, 29614 Soltau
Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Current Le Creuset Outlet Deals & Sales can be found directly on the outlet centre’s website:

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Le Creuset Mini Cocotte Sale Outlet Price
Le Creuset Mini Cocotte
Le Creuset Outlet Store Designer Outlet Soltau: Rahrsberg 7 / Shop 48, 29614 Soltau, Germany
Le Creuset Outlet Store Designer Outlet Soltau: Rahrsberg 7 / Shop 48, 29614 Soltau, Germany

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