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Luggage deposit at Landquart train station

Your visit to Landquart might be solely influenced by this one: the Landquart Fashion Outlet. Situated right next to the train station, the outlet is easily reachable by both train and car. If you’re just travelling by the city Landquart, for example on your way to Chur or Davos, you might have some luggage with you. But no worries, you won’t have to shlep all your belongings with you from one store at the outlet, to another. Right at the “farthest” tunnel of the train station, the one connected to the restaurant and kiosk of the station, you will find a luggage deposit or luggage lockers. The price is 5 CHF, and you will have to pay by coins. If you’re out of coins, right nearby you will find a kiosk to exchange. I have happily used this service to fully enjoy my visit to Landquart Fashion Outlets, without having to worry about the heavy backpack on my shoulders.

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