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At the only Literature Museum of Switzerland, in Zurich

This post about the Strauhof Literature Museum Zurich was originally published in November 2018 on my former German Blog. In my opinion this serves as a nice recap of this stunning exhibition. And, a commemoration of the topic of Artificial Intelligence and how controlled we are by it sometimes, or how we let us control and guide through daily life.

Was Frankenstein actually nothing more than Alexa or Siri? A being created out of lunacy and dreamy ideologies? First friendly and with good intentions, but changed into a monster by the condescending, dismissive recognition of humans? The Strauhof Literatur Museum Zurich is currently exploring this topic, the connection between Frankenstein and modern AI, Mary Shelly and Silicon Valley, in a truly recommendable, interactive, exhibition.
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“I had become so bold by my discovery that I did not see why I should not at once succeed in making a being as complicated and wonderful as man.”

Mary Shelly: Frankenstein

Frankenstein Exhibition – From Mary Shelley to Silicon Valley

I could hardly believe it. The book Frankenstein by British author Mary Shelly is already over 200 years old. With all the movie scenes that immediately pop into my head from the horror thriller films, the original Frankenstein doesn’t have all that much in common. The exhibition Frankenstein From Mary Shelly to Silicon Valley at Strauhof Zurich not only sheds light on the book itself, but also creates an impressive connection between the original idea behind the assembled human Frankenstein, and today’s developments in Silicon Valley.

Artificial intelligence in smartphones or speakers, self-driving cars and buses, smart robots and confusingly real TV presenters. We humans are currently building another “Frankenstein”, an attempt to create a better and smarter creature. But, Frankenstein frightened people because he looked so different, and went from being a once friendly creature to a murderous one. How will it end with artificial intelligence? How will humanity react when a mind programmed from zeros and ones shows better answers and reactions?

Literature Museum Strauhof Zurich
Address: Augustinergasse 9, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland.
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12pm-6pm | Thu 12pm-2pm | Sat-Sun 11am-5pm
Exhibition Frankenstein From Mary Shelley to Silicon Valley: 05.10.2018 – 13.01.2019
Admission prices: regular CHF 10 reduced CHF 6 Under 16s free Zürich Card free
Website: | Social: Instagram, Twitter

ELIZA computer therapist
ELIZA computer therapist at Strauhof Museum Zurich

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