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London Foodie Trip: Where to Find the Best Eats

As one of the most commercialised modern melting pots of culture in the world, London is also home to a globalised array of delectable eats. But with all the new London restaurants seemingly popping up, it can be hard to find which ones are actually worth a visit. We did the legwork for you and have come up with a few select options for your London foodie trip.

Wild Food Cafe

Located in Covent Garden near the centre of metropolitan London, Wild Food Cafe is surrounded by many other vegetarian options. But what sets it apart is its “raw-centric” vegetarian menu which consists of healthy food bowls and smoothies. This includes their famous ayurvedic salad dressed with lime juice and mango. There’s also their even more famous “Wide Awake” shot – a concoction of lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coconut, and ginger that can liven up even the most tired London commuter. Vogue reports that they also offer an onsite shop where you can stock up on vegetarian essentials.

Wasabi UK

While a restaurant that specialises in fish-free sushi might sound ridiculous to some, experienced vegetarians and vegans know that such modern-day concoctions are not only possible but potentially delectable. Enter the Vegan Veggie roll set by Wasabi UK, a Japanese London restaurant that is equal parts traditional and innovative. Made fresh and by hand daily, the restaurant’s flagship dish of nine vegetarian Inari maki is made with Inari, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, sushi rice, carrot, chives, and nori. This comes with a sachet of soy sauce, wasabi paste, and if you’re so inclined, some vegetarian Japanese omelette nigiri. When we visited Wasabi UK, it cost us less than £5 for the whole Vegan Veggie roll set. And that’s just one of their many vegan and vegetarian options.

Watkin’s Folly

While most of the restos in this list offer a wide range of healthy foodie options, Watkin’s Folly in Wembley is all about unapologetic comfort food, cocktails, beer and football. Gorge on sausages, toast, eggs, huge burgers, perfect fries and roasted meat. Try to visit on an international match day when the place is bustling with football fans and the bar gives out free shots every time England scores. While international matches only come around every month or so, for the past season Tottenham Hotspur have been playing their home games at the nearby Wembley Stadium. The thousands of fans on match day have to eat and drink somewhere and they usually end up at Watkin’s Folly for post-match celebrations. Enjoy some authentic English/Irish grub and drink while rubbing elbows with London’s football fanatics.


It’s no secret that London has an ongoing love affair with vegetarianism, a trend which London Eater predicts won’t go away anytime soon. Shayona is where you’ll find some of London’s deepest, firmest vegetarian roots. The cuisine at Shayona is Saatvic, a style of cooking that’s consistent with the dietary tenets of the Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism to which the nearby temple belongs. None of their dishes uses onions, garlic, or meat, which means you’ll be treated to an array of new flavours and aromas. With dishes that include the Tandoori vegetable sizzler, potato bhajih, cumin-infused vegie biryani, and sev dahi puri, Shayona dazzles diners with a traditional Indian array of spices that will have casual vegetarians wondering why they don’t just do it full-time.

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