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Luggage deposit at Zurich HB main train station – 2024 Prices & Where

Answering all your questions about Luggage deposit at Zurich HB: Can I leave my luggage at Zurich station during the day, and how much does a baggage deposit locker cost? There are several ways to leave your bags, backpacks and suitcases at Zurich station. Enjoy the day in Zurich without a large backpack or bag. Stroll along the Limmat to Lake Zurich, from shop to shop on Bahnhofstrasse or relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant – how about crispy Rösti or Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, for example? Unburdened by bags and suitcases.
This is where the SBB luggage storage at Zurich station is ideal. Even if you’re travelling at the neighbouring Zurich Main Station bus station (Carpark Sihlquai) with the FlixBus or another long-distance bus.
This Guide has just been updated with the 2024 rates and new details!

Where are the luggage lockers located at Zurich HB station / near the Carpark Sihlquai bus station?

The Zurich HB station is currently still undergoing an active renovation phase, as it has been for years. For this reason, some things are not always where you knew they would be and where you could find them before. However, the lockers are located at the head of the station one level below ground. Roughly for orientation, near the walkway towards the National Museum, in the northern area of the “Main Hall”, one level below and reachable with escalators near the shower facilities, in Shopville.

If this description does not help, here is a link to the current overview map of Zurich station: click (download a PDF file) – the luggage lockers are at “Zwischengeschoss” near numbers 331 and 103 & 104, on the upper right part of the map, on the second page.

Opening hours & accessibility of the Luggage deposit at Zurich HB / lockers for bags and baggage

The general lockers on the ground floor of Zurich main station are accessible every day from Monday to Sunday. Monday through Friday from 04:15 in the morning until 01:15 the following day, on Saturday and Sundays even from 00:00 till 23:59, so all around the clock.

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Osprey Archen 25 in an luggage locker at Zurich Sihlquai Central Station - by Blog joyDellaVita
my Osprey Archen 25 in an luggage locker at Zurich HB

Sizes & prices of the lockers at Zurich station

The lockers at Zurich station are available in different sizes and at various prices. Below is an overview taken directly from the SBB website. Important to note is, the below shown prices are solely valid for 6 hours! Also, prices vary by “low season” and “high season”, depending on when you use the locker service by SBB at Zurich HB main train station.
The accepted payment methods are Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, myOne, Diners, JCB and Twint – no more coin Swiss Francs!

Subject sizeDimensionsMinimum rental
(up to 6 hours,
low season)
Additional payment
for every additional
6 hours
(low season)
Minimum rental
(up to 6 hours,
high season)
Additional payment
for every additional
6 hours
(high season)
S35.1 x 55.5 x 45.7 cmCHF 5.-CHF 2.-CHF 6.-CHF 3.-188 pieces
M35.1 x 55.5 x 62.0 cmCHF 7.-CHF 3.-CHF 8.-CHF 4.-174 pcs.
L35.1 x 55.5 x 94.5 cmCHF 9.-CHF 4.-CHF 10.-CHF 5.-94 pieces
XL52.5 x 85.5 x 45.7 cmCHF 10.-CHF 5.-CHF 12.-CHF 6.-72 pcs.
XXL52.5 x 85.5 x 94.5 cmCHF 12.-CHF 6.-CHF 15.-CHF 8.-36 pcs.

Luggage storage at the SBB Travel Centre

For larger items of luggage, or for very valuable items, it is advisable to use the luggage storage facilities at the SBB Travel Centre. Luggage weighing up to 25 kg can be deposited at the ticket counters for 12 CHF per day. The accessibility is always the same as that of the counter. Those can be found at number 102 on the map linked above, on the first page in the upper right.

It is also possible to leave luggage at the SBB Reisezentrum for much longer periods. The price of serviced luggage storage is CHF 120 for one month, or CHF 1080 for one year.

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