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Cheap eats in Zurich – inexpensive breakfast / lunch / dinner

Zurich is expensive, sometimes very expensive! Eating cheaply in Zurich is a challenge, and often not possible at first glance. If you stroll through the centre of Zurich, one luxury shop follows the next. Watch shops advertising Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer or Zenith, all local Swiss watch brands, high-street and couture fashion shops and boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Co. High three-digit sums are asked for mobile phone cases with corresponding logos. How can you have a cheap lunch in such an environment? After all, a simple Espresso (small coffee) in a coffee house can cost as little as 5.50 francs (equivalent to about 5.35 euros).

Dining on a budget in Zurich Switzerland

The following are suggestions and examples for inexpensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Zurich. Three companies were taken as a basis, which have numerous branches all over Zurich, and Switzerland. The two large supermarket chains Coop and Migros, and the fast-food chain McDonald’s. At first glance, the healthier option will probably be the supermarkets’ “ready to eat” offers. However, if you are just looking for a cheap coffee in Zurich, you can easily find it at McCafe or McDonalds. For a general overview, check out my Zurich Restaurant Reviews for inspiration.

All prices are as of early Spring 2022, the Coop & Migros prices are taken from their own websites, and the McD prices are from my own blog post Prices for Mc Donalds in Switzerland.

Current currency converter Swiss franc – Euros

Currently, 1 CHF is equivalent to 0.97 euros or 10 CHF to 9.69 euros. Conversion rates change very frequently!

Cheap breakfast in Zurich


Fairtrade Yoghurt Birchermüesli – 1.45 CHF
Country Crunchy Yoghurt Classic Müesli / Choco-Muesli / Apple & Cinnamon – 1.60 CHF
isey Skyr Nature – 2.05 CHF
Nestlé Yaos Yoghurt Cereals 2x150g – 2.50 CHF
Emmi Smoothie Bowl Tropical – 2.65 CHF
Ovaltine Drink – 1.95 CHF
Betty Bossi Birchermüesli – 3.95 CHF
Caffè Lattesso Macchiato 2x 250ml – 4.80 CHF
Emmi Caffè Latte Mr. Big Macchiato 2x 370ml – 5.90 CHF
Emmi Caffè Latte Cappuccino 4x230ml – 7.80 CHF


1 cup of fresh Birchermüsli – current daily price / 2.65 CHF for vegan Birchermüsli made from almond
1 cup of chilled Caffé Latte – 1.30 CHF own brand / 2.30 CHF branded product


Fruit Puree – 2 CHF
1 Café Crème – small 2.50 CHF
1 Tea – large 3.80 CHF
Egg & Cheese McMuffin® – 5.30 CHF

Cheap lunch & dinner in Zurich / Switzerland


Betty Bossi Hörnlisalat classic – 3.50 CHF
Betty Bossi potato salad – 2.70 CHF
Insalata di Tonno Mediterranea – 3.30 CHF
Betty Bossi Fairtrade fruit mix – 3.50 CHF
Naturaplan organic lentil salad – 3.70 CHF
Karma Hummus with lemon & parsley – 3.9 CHF
Fine Food Peanuts with Wasabi – 3.95 CHF
Betty Bossi Naturaplan organic market salad – 4.50 CHF
Betty Bossi Peperoncini dolci – 5.50 CHF
Betty Bossi Caesar salad – 5.95 CHF
Fine Food Dates Medjool – 7.50 CHF


Anna’s Best potato salad – 2.40 CHF
M-Budget Pasta salad with ham – 2.55 CHF
Organic lentil salad – 2.95 CHF
M-Budget Saladbowl Garden – 3.90 CHF
Anna’s Best Pasta salad Caprese – 3.90 CHF
Anna’s Best Vegi Saladbowl French – 4.10 CHF
Anna’s Best Vegi Saladbowl Provençale – 4.30 CHF
Anna’s Best Cervelat and Cheese Salad – 4.60 CHF
Anna’s Best MSC prawn salad – 4.70 CHF
Anna’s Best Yucatan salad – 4.80 CHF
Anna’s Best Saladbowl Gruyère – 4.90 CHF
M-Budget Saladbowl Chicken – 4.90 CHF
Anna’s Best Vegi Ebly Salad / Taboulé Salad Mango – 5.95 CHF
Anna’s Best Falafel Salad – 6.70 CHF
Migros Daily Saladbowl Falafel – 6.90 CHF
Anna’s Best Kebab Salad – 6.90 CHF
Migros Daily Salad Nut Bacon – 7.90 CHF
Migros Daily Salad Caesar Vegan – 8.90 CHF


Small Green Salad – 2.90 CHF
Caesar Salad Nature – 7.90 CHF
Caesar Salad Veggie – 9.90 CHF
Fries Small – 3.90 CHF
Cheeseburger – 2.70 CHF
Double Cheeseburger – single 4.70 CHF / Menu 8.90 CHF
6 Chicken McNuggets® – single 6.50 CHF / Menu 10.90 CHF
Filet-O-Fish® – single 5.80 CHF / menu 8.90 CHF
Happy Meal Cheeseburger – 7.20 CHF
Soft drink – 0.5l 3.90 CHF
Mini Sundae – 2 CHF
Carrots – 2 CHF
Ristretto or Espresso – 2.50 CHF

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cheap coffee in Zurich at McDonald’s / McCafe

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